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message 1: by steph (new)

steph This sounds great - your review has definitely piqued my interest so I'll add it to my list of books to check out!

message 2: by Brittany (new)

Brittany (Nice Girls Read Books) Stephanie wrote: "This sounds great - your review has definitely piqued my interest so I'll add it to my list of books to check out!"

I really hope you enjoy it, Steph!

message 3: by Cass - (new)

Cass -  Words on Paper I'm reading it now. It's living up to my expectations so far--a good thing! :D Such a simple but stunning cover, am I right? I like how each chapter is followed with a quote which represents that chapter. Don't want to read your review just yet, until after I've finished and written a review, myself. Glad you loved it, though!

message 4: by Cass - (new)

Cass -  Words on Paper I actually would have loved more interaction between her and her father, because it is SOO overdone, the whole absentee father, dead parent thing. I wish there was a paranormal book that stepped out of that box. I have not yet read one that has dared.

Also, I loved Lincoln; found Phoenix hot, but knew from the start that he meaned trouble. I didn't like how Vi kept switching between the two. Like, she's in love with Lincoln and has been for a while, and then Phoenix comes around and she can't seem to keep away. He stalks her around, eventually succeeds in taking her virginity: "I fear that he's taken the one thing he wanted the most" or something like that. He completely rubbed me the wrong way at times, and was glad when he was finally gone and then Linc and Vi said that they'd work it out one step at a time. I thought that was sweet. :)

SO, in that respect, with the whole love triangle, I didn't like Violet. However, I liked that sarcastic voice of hers, despite that it felt a bit Bella-ish. I don't know, I'm a bit torn with my feelings about Vi. She's gone through some bad stuff, right? So obviously she's a bit emotionally scarred and wrecked and all that. I think that whole thing was Phoenix...being scarred and having had that experience with the teacher, how could she have trusted Phoenix so much after such a short amount of time? I mean, she definitely has trust issues, and then she just goes and...

:/ *sigh* I don't know. Teenagers... I still am one, and I still don't get it. And with a guy as sweet as Lincoln? I know he lied to her for all this time, but...then she got over it, and then began the whole thing with Phoenix, leaving me a bit dizzy and confused. Well, at least Phoenix is gone. Right?

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