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Cathrine ☯️ While there is no shortage of books on my TBR I find few movies these days I want to see so I will definitely check this one out when it comes to home streaming. Thanks A. As usual an inspiring and helpful review.

message 2: by Candi (new)

Candi Lovely review, Angela. I have to read this one. My 13 year old has read the book and seen the movie and keeps telling me to do the same :) I hope that you have a wonderful Christmas!

message 3: by Angela M (new)

Angela M C, thanks . Worth seeing!

message 4: by Angela M (new)

Angela M Candi, thanks! So glad to hear that your daughter liked both the movie and the book . She’s right - definitely a must see/read . Merry Christmas to you and your family!

message 5: by Stephanie (new)

Stephanie Anze Wonderful review Angela! This is one of the books that most resonated with me this year.

message 6: by Angela M (new)

Angela M Stephanie, thanks so much !

message 7: by Dianne (last edited Dec 20, 2017 07:39AM) (new)

Dianne Great review, Angela. I loved this book and thought they did a nice job with the movie.

message 8: by Angela M (new)

Angela M Dianne, thanks . As I said I should have read the book first but I loved it !

message 9: by Karen (new)

Karen Wonderful review Angela! I loved this book too!

message 10: by Sharon (new)

Sharon Metcalf Beautiful review Angela. I didn't realise it was a movie so must make an effort to see it as I too loved the book.

Jaline - (on 2/3 hiatus) Fabulous review, Angela! I just put this one on my wishlist and definitely look forward to reading it! :)

message 12: by Sue (new)

Sue Seligman Great review! I recommend this to all of my friends with kids around this age. My friend actually read this book with her 5th grade and 2nd grader right before seeing the movie. She said it made a huge impression on both her kids but especially her 10 year old son who is a reluctant reader...not his favorite thing to do. She told me he loved the book and the movie and just the other day he picked up the book to reread it. As a teacher of 4th and 5th graders, I’ve seen many kids devour this book both before the movie came out and since! Great book!

message 13: by Angela M (new)

Angela M Sue, thanks. Yes a fantastic book . It’s great that you see so many kids loving the book . A wonderful lesson of acceptance and tolerance!

message 14: by Deanna (new)

Deanna Great review, Angela!!

message 15: by Jen (new)

Jen You have my attention with this review, Angela. Looks like one I would want to read.

message 16: by Angela M (new)

Angela M Thanks , Deanna and Jen.

Jen, I think it’s a must read .

message 17: by Wendy (new)

Wendy Great review Angela! I really need to read this book!

message 18: by Diane S ☔ (new)

Diane S ☔ Terrific review, Angela. Read this a while ago and pretty sure I cried.

Jennifer ~ TarHeelReader Beautifully heartfelt review, Angela. I have this on TBR mountain, too. Need to make time for it soon. Such an important book.

message 20: by Angela M (new)

Angela M Wendy and Jennifer, thanks . A must read .

Diane , thanks . I cried a lot during the movie as well as the book .

message 21: by Angela M (new)

Angela M Jaline , thanks . What I’ve said to the others - a must read !

message 22: by Phrynne (new)

Phrynne Beautiful review Angela! I loved the book but decided not to see the movie.

message 23: by Fred (new)

Fred Shaw Great review!

message 24: by PattyMacDotComma (new)

PattyMacDotComma Lovely, Angela! I'm so glad you finally got to the book. I loved his cheeky, irrepressible nature that didn't seem to get crushed by his circumstances.

I did read and review the picture book edition for little kids, We're All Wonders which you may have seen but others may not. I included a couple of illustrations.

message 25: by Esil (new)

Esil Great review, Angela. I also find that seeing a movie before reading the book can interfere with how I see the characters in a book.

message 26: by Liz (new)

Liz I had the same experience with Our Souls at Night. Great review.

message 27: by munashe matsuro (new)

munashe matsuro great review Angela M I wish to read the book and watch the movie

message 28: by Angela M (new)

Angela M Phrynne, thanks so much . The movie is really very good , though.
Fred, thank you !
Patty , thanks . I’ll check out your review.
Esil , thanks . In most cases I have read the book first , which I prefer but both were very good .
Liz, I had read the book before seeing Our Soul at Night .
reindeer, a good one to read and watch . Thanks .

message 29: by Linda (new)

Linda Angela, you have a true gift for capturing the heart of a book without revealing the whole plot and spoiling the experience of reading the book for the reader. You have done it here once again. I ,too, loved Wonder and am looking forward to the movie. Right before the movie came out they showed a wonderful documentary about a boy from birth to his middle school years whose life was much like August’s The boy was born with treacher Collins. The episode was called Wonder Boy. Very moving. You can watch it on demand if you google it. Thanks again for another of your remarkable reviews!!

message 30: by Linda (new)

Linda The documentary was on abc 20 /20

message 31: by Angela M (new)

Angela M Linda, thank you so much for your kind words. Thanks for the info in the documentary. I’ll look for it .

message 32: by Michelle (last edited Dec 21, 2017 01:34PM) (new)

Michelle This is one of my favorite books. Although it's aimed at children, it is such a beautiful reminder to us all that different is not bad and we need to be kinder to each other. So glad you enjoyed it! I would encourage you to follow up with the author's short ebook called the Julian chapter. It rounds out the story I think.

message 33: by Angela M (new)

Angela M Michelle, thanks so much . I’ll go look for the Julian chapter. Yes , such an important book !

message 34: by Laysee (new)

Laysee Wonderful review, Angela. This will go onto my 2018 reading list. :-)

message 35: by Angela M (new)

Angela M Laysee , thanks so much . A must read . I think this should be read by middle school kids everywhere and their parents and teachers. An important book .

message 36: by Janet C-B (new)

Janet C-B I read this book as a new release and it was a favorite. So far, I have not seen the movie. Maybe I will. Sometimes I like just staying with how I imagined the characters & the story as I read the book.

message 37: by Angela M (new)

Angela M Janet , the movie is really very good , though.

message 38: by Monica (new)

Monica Lovely review! I'm looking forward to reading the book and seeing the movie :)

message 39: by Angela M (new)

Angela M Monica , thanks! Recommend both !

message 40: by Linda (new)

Linda If you gave it 5 stars.....I want to read it!

message 41: by Svetlana (new)

Svetlana what a wonderful and lovely review Angela! I loved your review 💜 I recently bought this book and hope to get to it soon!

message 42: by Angela M (new)

Angela M Svetlana, thanks so much . Have a feeling you will love it !

message 43: by Jaidee (new)

Jaidee This sounds so heartwrenching Angela....Merry Christmas to you good Lady !!

message 44: by Angela M (new)

Angela M Jaidee, it is heart wrenching but hopeful. Merry Christmas to you too , my friend!

message 45: by Larry (new)

Larry H Beautiful review, Angela! I'm not sure I can handle this emotionally since I know someone with a similar disorder, but I'm glad it touched you. Hope your Christmas was lovely!!

message 46: by Angela M (new)

Angela M Larry , thanks so much . There I books I can’t read because they hit close to home too . Yes , had. Great Christmas- thanks. Happy New Year ! Look forward to reading more of your terrific reviews next year !

message 47: by Cheri (new)

Cheri Fabulous review, Angela, I can appreciate how wonderful you've managed to create the atmosphere of this, the feelings I had while reading it, and yet haven't shared too much. I loved this, I'm so glad that you did, too!

message 48: by Angela M (new)

Angela M Thanks , Cheri. A fantastic book !

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