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message 1: by Liz Janet (new)

Liz Janet The bible has been edited throughout the history of the world. Passages have been taken out and added according to the translation. So him taking some liberties is not the worst to have happened to the bible.

message 2: by Yibbie (new)

Yibbie There really isn't any evidence that the Bible has been altered. The Dead Sea scrolls showed the world that the Old Testament has not changed in thousands of years. There are enough manuscripts of the New Testament extant, to show that it has not changed since it was written. Then there is the archaeological evidence showing it is accurate when it speaks of people and places. The poor translations, and incomplete manuscripts do not out weigh the evidence that the Bible has been preserved for us.
That is just the physical evidence. God promised that His Word was settled in Heaven and it will not change till it has accomplished it's purpose (Psalm 119:89, Matthew :18).
I object to Wallace's imaginings, because they shift peoples focus from the saving message of the Bible to mere entertainment. Eternity is to important to trifle with. God gave us what we need to be saved and warned us repeatedly not too add to His Word for in it we have the offer of eternal life.
I would recommend reading Many Infallible Proofs by Dr. Henry M. Morris, Nothing But The Truth by Brian H. Edwards, Touch Not the Unclean Thing by David H. Sorenson. This is an issue that we should not pass over lightly. Since it is our Eternity in question, it would be best for us to search earnestly for the Truth.

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