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message 1: by Yomi (new)

Yomi Omg! Last year, I was think about read this book. But now I'm very happy that is wasn't full of dumb downed character and bucket of cliches move. That's why I was having a nightmare when it come to look for a original plot in both NA and YA. I'm getting sick of the so called "praise" from the author and their book with eye catching book cover and compare to popular book e.g. Hunger Games, Harry Potter and even Game of Throne (Book series ) from other book reviews only to discover the plotline have expect plot from pervious books. Plus, I love when author mix dark element with fresh out humor related to the situation and finding a solved. Sorry about my mild rant on similar plotline on books.

message 2: by Yomi (new)

Yomi BTW, Are you going to read the second:

message 3: by C.G. (new)

C.G. Drews @Yomi: HAha! YES! It is refreshingly wonderful, I hope you get a chance to read it. ;-) If my library gets in book 2 I'll definitely read it. :)

message 4: by Yomi (new)

Yomi Thank, Cait
I will give it a try.

message 5: by Cyrielle (new)

Cyrielle Jeanne I finished this book like twenty minutes ago and I was thinking "oh, Cait would love that book I'm sure of it" and then I go to Goodreads and your comment is the first ^^

message 6: by C.G. (new)

C.G. Drews @Cyrielle: omg my review is first?!? *flails* I FEEL FAMOUS. XD

message 7: by Charley (new)

Charley Robson I'm so glad you loved it - I love this book. I love it so much. Especially for Yarvi. Dat ending, amirite?

message 8: by C.G. (new)

C.G. Drews @Charley: EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS BOOK = YUUUS. I want to re-read it and finish the series!!

message 9: by Charley (new)

Charley Robson @Cait - Me too! Although I'm a little disappointed the later books aren't still about Yarvi, tbh. He was most of the reason I enjoyed these books so much. Oh well. He's still there in the later ones, and I've read enough Abercrombie to trust I'll enjoy the continuation too.

Have you read "The First Law" trilogy by any chance?

message 10: by C.G. (new)

C.G. Drews @Charley: Wait. wut wut the next books aren't about Yarvi?! WHAT IS THIS LIFE. I AM THE DISAPPOINT. This is the only Abercrombie book I've read so far, but I do want to read more!!

message 11: by Charley (new)

Charley Robson @Cait - he's in them, but as the blurbs probably tell you they focus on different characters. At least, that's the impression I get. Which would make sense. As we have proved, he's not much good at this whole adventuring business, is he?
"The First Law" is a very different beastie to these ones - much deeper setting, much nastier characters, much more violence. Even I found it all a bit sludgy in the middle and toward the end. But the last book blew my mind and it was stunning. He's written other stuff too ofc, but I haven't got to that yet.

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message 13: by C.G. (new)

C.G. Drews @Ashes: TOLD YOU SO. :') :')

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