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message 1: by Antonomasia (new)

Antonomasia Poor editing is a ridiculously common problem with recently published books, isn't it?

message 2: by Nigeyb (new)

Nigeyb ^ Yes indeed. Perhaps due to fewer people being employed by publishers?

message 3: by Barbara (new)

Barbara In the book he complains about how his last memoir was edited, how they completely changed his stories. I wouldn't be surprised if he refused to let them edit it, or at least rewrite any of it.

message 4: by Keith (new)

Keith Thanks for the additional warning. (I would just punch the Like button on your review, but it doesn't seem to exist in the Android app.)

message 5: by Dan (new)

Dan Your views pretty much exactly reflect my own. I think if this book had been 250 pages instead of 500+, the flaws - and the lack of editing - would not have been as much of a problem, but it just became a slog, trying to pick out the jewels of interesting information from the dross.

message 6: by Kate (new)

Kate Good review! I had no idea he was a father let alone a grandfather.

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