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message 1: by Dina (new)

Dina Oh my, I cry buckets every time I watch this movie! Love it, love it, love it!

P.S.: You aren't excused, Jasmin. Chinese names are completely different one from another. ;)

message 2: by Jasmin (new)

Jasmin i ddnt know this has a movie.

forgive me D. I know their different, but my brain refuses to process it as different things. It only registers it as a general "Chinese name" XD

message 3: by Dina (new)

Dina Jasmin, you've got to rent the DVD! Have I told you how much I love the movie yet? LOL

message 4: by Jasmin (new)

Jasmin will do Dina. i think my brain works better with facial recognition. XD

message 5: by Kat Kennedy (new)

Kat Kennedy I've seen the movie (and loved it) it's good to know the book is good too!

message 6: by AH (new)

AH The interesting thing about this book is that you could almost put any immigrant group in the place of the Chinese experience. I am a child of immigrants and a lot of the experiences were similar. Amy Tan's other books were very good.

message 7: by K.D. (new)

K.D. Absolutely I loved the movie of this though its all about women. Many years ago but I still remember their faces. They are right, go and see it.
Not planning to read the book though. I think the movie is enough. Normally, I read the book if there are somethings (like seemingly nice dialogues) that I could not understand in the movie. In the case of film adaptation of this book, everything is clear including the dialogues. But of course that was I think a couple of decades ago so I don't remember anything. ha ha

message 8: by Amanda (new)

Amanda I loved the book, but I have to say the movie was so beautiful that it almost eclipses the book.

message 9: by Jasmin (new)

Jasmin thanks everyone! I'm going to make it a goal of mine to watch the movie. It seems really really good :)

message 10: by Nissie Lambert (new)

Nissie Lambert Loved your review, Jasmin! Like Z, I've been meaning to read it, my list is just long..........

message 11: by Cynthia (last edited Jan 06, 2011 01:22PM) (new)

Cynthia Paschen When I read this book I had a hard time keeping track of which mother went with which daughter. In the movie, it was obvious from the beginning. The movie is a total pleasure.

message 12: by Regine (new)

Regine In my case I actually liked the movie more than the book. The book is still good, but I felt that there was more emotion in the movie. If you haven't seen it yet, please do.

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