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message 1: by Askin (new)

Askin I fully agree with you. The lack of punctuation was annoying and created the necessity of adding he said/she said all of the time. The editor that let the writer get away with this choppy and immature writing should be fired. And, at least if you had washed sheets instead of reading this book you would have accomplished something productive and worthwhile. :)

message 2: by PacaLipstick (new)

PacaLipstick Gramma Yes! Sometimes I think an author is trying to "make a statement" by writing so obscurely, but, that in their effort to do so ~ create some pretty bizarre (would I call it literature?) books.

message 3: by Askin (new)

Askin Yes, exactly. This is what happens when a writer chooses style over substance. It's a style that might work in a short story but not in a novel. Can't a statement be better made without sacrificing understanding?

message 4: by Julia (new)

Julia Raposo The lack of quotation marks are there for a reason. Evie's lack of trust in her own mind makes her an unreliable narrator and the quotations would have made the dialogue fact or concrete, exactly what happened. Without them, it stops the reader from knowing what is the truth and what is all in her head.

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