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message 1: by Trish (new)

Trish 8 feet of snow predicted for midwest this week, 6 feet near Buffalo. Hard to imagine that wouldn't cramp our style. I need to have a look at this book. I agree with the "more than we need" point. What I don't understand is how our fearless leaders in Congress don't begin the process of education and, well, leadership.

message 2: by Blair (new)

Blair I largely agree with what you say. I am far more critical of the book, especially about the confusion between weather and climate in the comment above. You can read my review at

message 3: by Jayney (new)

Jayney I think Klein's use of environmental problems to attack capitalism today are just. In the UK now (2016) capitalism is out of control at the expense of the workers and the consumers.

message 4: by Joseph (new)

Joseph Spuckler Elijay wrote: "I think Klein's use of environmental problems to attack capitalism today are just. In the UK now (2016) capitalism is out of control at the expense of the workers and the consumers."
Agreed. Capitalism needs growth to survive. Growth requires resources. It works well for a while than stalls. Capitalism today has much in common with pyramid schemes. It requires new markets, new customers, constant growth, and profit...if these don't keep happening there is profit for a few and then collapse.

message 5: by Timo (last edited Jan 13, 2017 09:03PM) (new)

Timo Aun I got half-way through that book before realizing I've heard enough. At first everything she said seemed more or less legit, I couldn't find any glaring holes in her arguments and claims. But as I listened onwards I started to realize she is barking at the wrong tree.
What is the use of blaming corporate greed, if the only way corporations can stay alive and relevant is through planned obsolescence of their products. What is the point of designing a car that runs for 20 years without breaking down if it means that your company will sell way less cars than a company whose cars need to be replaced every 5 years?
The exact thing is true for countries. If people buy less stuff than people in another country, then the country becomes more vulnerable to the said country simply by becoming more economically irrelevant and thus less powerful.
So what is the solution? Instead of blaming big greedy corporations, we as people need to become more aware of what we are doing. As you stated, we need movements. Everyone needs to become aware that consumerism is bad, it should be even considered immoral. That movement needs to be also global, including all nations. If Europe and USA decide, for example, that they are sick of global warming and ever-growing economy and stop with the consumer culture.. It doesn't do anything if the rest of the world doesn't follow suit. The world has to do it together, otherwise it's just handing over control and power to countries that don't want to lose their economic growth and thus power both in economic and military sense.
Can we really do it? Well I want to do the best I could from my part, but I don't even know any movements that do anything real against consumerism and thus greenhouse gases in a meaningful way. Any suggestions?

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