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message 1: by Michelle (new)

Michelle A while ago, I noticed that this book was recommended on a blog that I read occasionally (I think it was The Simple Dollar). Like you, I'm a friendly introvert, so the idea of never eating alone is anathema to me (I need a lot of time to myself for reflection) and I was put-off by the title but still curious. I would like to become more outgoing, but in an authentic way… I feel like most of these types of books suggest (whether overtly or not) that people should wear a mask to "get ahead", which seems kind of gross to me. I think genuine confidence means accepting yourself, as you are, and we are all imperfect beings, right? What are you thoughts on this, Thomas? Did you personally find the book helpful?

message 2: by Thomas (new)

Thomas Hi Cinnamintz, thank you for your thoughts! The conflict you bring up between putting yourself out there and projecting a guise while maintaining a genuine confidence in yourself is one I'm still mulling over. This isn't a perfectly formed thought by any means, but I think this book pushed me to consider the idea that just because someone is trying to "get ahead" doesn't mean they can't also be authentic - you can use your natural voice and personality to form meaningful bonds with people, to create conversations that are vulnerable and real. Never Eat Alone didn't entail how to accomplish this exactly, but it did urge me to try and reconsider my notion that all "small talk" and career-oriented spaces are inherently disingenuous. I hope that answers your question!

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