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message 1: by Micky (new)

Micky Sahi I preferred this book over the Wolfhall.

message 2: by Micky (new)

Micky Sahi Is the third book out? Does anyone know?

Sean Barrs the Bookdragon Micky wrote: "Is the third book out? Does anyone know?"

not yet, no release date set either.

message 4: by Bill (new)

Bill Kupersmith How could King Henry have anticipated what his daughter Elizabeth would accomplish, or that she would come onto the throne? I find Mantel unreadable for her pervasive moral cynicism and her strange prose. Nobody in the 16th century or for that matter now sounds like that.

message 5: by Ribota (new)

Ribota Sajambre Mandel is an excellent writer, waiting for the 3rd book in the trilogy. The creative unity between her book and the PBS Wolf Hall is a true delight. And how about that soundtrack!

message 6: by Sarika (new)

Sarika Hi there. Your comment on Mantel not winning the Booker again made me wonder if it's possible for a writer to be highly innovative every time? Also, i'm interested in what you mean by innovative writing. I think the greatest of writers are instantly recognizable by their unique style. Thanks.

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