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message 1: by Ginger (last edited Jun 06, 2017 10:39AM) (new)

Ginger Craig wrote: "That is now Michael and you reminding me that I need to continue the series haha😏"

I'm glad we're reminding you!! Bob misses you!! :D
I have no idea why this showed up today but GR has been wonky with book updates and reviews this year. I must have accidentally clicked on something when I was updating the Dresden series this morning.

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Ginger Craig wrote: "Haha, ugh i had to think who Bob was
(view spoiler)

This is one instance that i am glad GR messed up for you to remind me hehe😇 ."

Yes! (view spoiler) hahaha

I'm glad GR screwed up then! I have to read book #15 to get caught up. Do you remember what book # you were on?

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Ginger Craig wrote: "Haha i don't remember THAT about him! Yes i have only read the first two, really enjoyed them from what i remember.....(view spoiler) "

Yes! You're right and the great thing about the books are that they get so much better after the 4th one. It's like Butcher finds his stride or something. I just thought the first few books were okay and then after 4 or 5, WOAH! Absolutely great!

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Ginger Craig wrote: "Wow excited now!! If i enjoyed the first two the others sound spectacular!! I will carry on....soon😁 ."

Awesome Craig!! It will be fun to see your updates and reviews for these books and the series! :D

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