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message 1: by Buggy (new)

Buggy Great review Cindi, I unfortunately started this series with My Man Micheal. Sheesh (Well I tried to anyways I still haven't made it through that book) I understand though that the other books in the series are better and not set in outer space!! Do you recommend the series because I've had it on the wish list forever but got scared away by Micheal.

message 2: by Cindi (last edited May 15, 2010 10:20AM) (new)

Cindi Its one I read when I need a definite change of pace from PNR or thriller fiction, and one I only get from the library . . . if that tells you anything. Some of the books are really quite good, and the subject matter is different, but they are def hit or miss. If you've got other good stuff in your TBR pile, I'd probably pass on these. And I actually LIKE Lori Foster's writing! Its just these.

message 3: by Buggy (new)

Buggy The library comment gave me a pretty good idea that I should just work on the TBR pile before I start with this series. Thanks Cindi!

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