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message 1: by Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books) (last edited May 06, 2010 12:04PM) (new)

 Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books) Although I'm a pretty big GS fan, I think I'm going to skip her non-paranormals. I'm not that into mainstream contemporary romance that's not paranormal. Thanks for the review :)

Suzanne (Under the Covers Book blog) The Stone Princeand The Pleasure Slave are quite good, although they have a paranormal twist they are both in a contemporary setting.

I need to reread her LOTU books, it has been ages since I have read them and have forgotten all the ins and outs.

 Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books) Oh, I loved those too. It has to have some paranormal to keep my interest. But this one and Animal Instincts aren't paranormal at all, correct?

message 4: by Leah (new)

Leah Danielle, Animal Instincts is not paranormal, but I thought it was pretty good.

Great review, Suzanne. I actually was reading this in public one time when I was waiting for my mom to come out of the doctor's exam room and was laughing. The elderly lady across from me gave me a dirty look and it got even dirtier when she saw the cover because I have the one where the woman's hand is pulling the guy's shirt. LOL

 Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books) Why do people do that? What's the big deal what you're reading? At least you're reading! Hmmph!

Suzanne (Under the Covers Book blog) That is the version I was reading as well, lots of strange looks as i was trying to not laugh, which made me pull some quite strange faces!

The Stone Prince one was my fave out of them, might re read it now I think about it.

Animal Attraction is a norm book, I would read it but will have to find somewhere for free as I don't particually want to buy it. I am suprised that GS hasn't done a follow up book on Catch a Mate as she had a load of potential characters in there, it read like she was setting up a series sometimes.

message 7: by Leah (new)

Leah That's what I'm saying, Danielle!

Yeah, I tried to hold it in at first, but then I was like "Screw this!" and just laughed. The only time I hold it in is when I'm reading in school when I'm not supposed to be, LOL. I have not read The Stone Prince. I can't find it anywhere because it's one of the older books and I haven't bought it yet. I am surprised, too, that GS hasn't written a sequel to CAM. I mean, even if it wasn't going to be a series, I felt like CAM was a set-up for at least a book for Jake, you feel me?

message 8: by Autumn (new)

Autumn  I just finished this book, and yep! agree with ur opinion on it!!

Suzanne (Under the Covers Book blog) Yeah, it was okay, but her LOTU books are much better! Did you notice the nipple thing? It wasn't just me, she did talk about her nipples ALOT? LOL

message 10: by Autumn (new)

Autumn  ahahah the nipples?? mmm.. is it me, or wasnt that a drink also? no? but yeah it was mentioned quite a lot LOL. i liked the characters enough.. but damn it all happened so fast.. like how the hell u fall in love in freaking week?? specially with severe trust issues?? that boggled my mind.. and the catch the mate thing... its ok...but thats kinda of crass LOL! But the rough sexy scenes made up for it! ;)

Suzanne (Under the Covers Book blog) Lol isn't it a slippery nipple? I think it is a shot, I will look it is sambuca with baileys on top! Yum!

Yeah, that is what I thought, I don't get how they fell in love, just seemed to me that they were just two people who lusted after one another but didn't actually like each other!

Wasn't there a scene where they get at it in her garden? If there is I remember thinking that was hot!

message 12: by Autumn (new)

Autumn  OMG! yeah so i wasnt wrong! what kind of name for a drink is THAT!? - I will blush ordering it. **bar tender shouts "slippery nipple on your way"** LOLZZ!!

they also had "screwdrivers"drink lol! I have to admit i have had this in way too many occasions :p !!

yeah-the back yard scene? mhumh!! i wonder if it was on break-day light!! **blushes**

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