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Amit Kalantri
“Anger gets you into trouble, ego keeps you in trouble.”
Amit Kalantri, Wealth of Words

Joyce Rachelle
“If I don't talk about it, it's either very displeasing or very precious to me.”
Joyce Rachelle

Henry James
“The great fact all the while however had been the incalculability; since he had supposed himself, from decade to decade, to be allowing, and in the most liberal and intelligent manner, for brilliancy of change. He actually saw that he *had* allowed for nothing; he missed what he would have been sure of finding, he found what he would never have imagined. Proportions and values were upside-down; the ugly things he had expected, the ugly things of his far away youth, when he had too promptly waked up to a sense of the ugly--these uncanny phenomena placed him rather, as it happened, under the charm; whereas the 'swagger' things, the modern, the monstrous, the famous things, those he had more particularly, like thousands of ingenuous enquirers every year, come over to see, were exactly his sources of dismay. They were as so many set traps for displeasure, above all for reaction, of which his restless tread was constantly pressing the spring. It was interesting, doubtless, the whole show, but it would have been too disconcerting hadn't a certain finer truth saved the situation. He had distinctly not, in this steadier light, come over *all* for the monstrosities; he had come, not only in the last analysis but quite on the face of the act, under an impulse with which they had nothing to do. ("The Jolly Corner")”
Henry James, Complete Stories, 1892-1898

Friedrich Nietzsche
“What if pleasure and displeasure were so tied together that whoever wanted to have as much as possible of one must also have as much as possible of the other. You have a choice in life: either as little displeasure as possible, painlessness in brief or as much displeasure as possible as the price for an abundance of subtle pleasures and joys”
Friedrich Nietzsche

Marcel Proust
“We ought never to lose our tempers with people who, when we find them at fault, begin to snigger. They do so not because they are laughing at us, but because they are afraid of our displeasure.”
Marcel Proust, Sodom and Gomorrah

“For any display of displeasure or anger against injustice and ungodliness, there is a reward and a godly result.”
Sunday Adelaja, The Mountain of Ignorance

“It is the people who are displeased with injustice that can be a channel for social justice.”
Sunday Adelaja, The Mountain of Ignorance

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