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Celia Rivenbark
“Carbohydrates from the Latin, carbo which means "yummy" and hydrates which means "cinnamon bun," are not something I can eliminate or even drastically cut back on.”
Celia Rivenbark, Stop Dressing Your Six-Year-Old Like a Skank: And Other Words of Delicate Southern Wisdom

Jessica Florence
“You deserve to be treated like the fucking warrior goddess you are—beautiful, strong, perfect. You deserve a man that can worship your body all night softly, then pull your hair back and fuck you till you scream out in release, over and over. You deserve an equal in life, but a man to dominate you in bed. You deserve the flowers and the fucks.”
Jessica Florence, The Final KO

M.F. Moonzajer
“I can eat you at breakfast, not because I am a monster; it is only because you are too cute and yummy.”

David Weber
“Shergahn and friend lay like poleaxed steers, and the Daranfelian's greasy hair was thick with potatoes, carrots, gravy, and chunks of beef. His companion had less stew in his hair, but an equally large lump was rising fast, and Brandark flipped his improvised club into the air, caught it in proper dipping position, and filled it once more from the pot without even glancing at them. He raised the ladle to his nose, inhaled deeply, and glanced at the cook with an impudent twitch of his ears.
"Smells delicious," he said while the laughter started up all around the fire. "I imagine a bellyful of this should help a hungry man sleep. Why, just look what a single ladle of it did for Shergahn!”
David Weber, Oath of Swords

Katie McGarry
“He sauntered to the counter. “What can I do for you?”
The red bandana he wore held back the hair that typically covered his eyes. I loved his eyes. Chocolate-brown, full of mischief and a spark ready to light the world on fire. “Can I have a glass of water, please?” And please let it be free.
“Is that it?”
My stomach growled, loud enough for Noah to hear. “Yep, that’s it.”
He fixed me a glass and handed it to me. “Are you sure you wouldn’t like a burger? A nice thick burger on a toasted bun with salty fries on the side?”
I sucked on my straw, gulping the ice water down. Funny, water didn’t give me that warm, fuzzy, full feeling like a burger and fries would. “I’m fine, thank you.”
“Suit yourself. You see that nice-looking piece of meat right there?”
He motioned to the patty frying. The aroma made my mouth water.”
Katie McGarry, Pushing the Limits

Christoph Fischer
“Soak blanket in gravy and make a delicious brick wrap. Serve in All Gravy Room at the Mandrake Hotel.”
Christoph Fischer

Mokokoma Mokhonoana
“Leftovers are less tasty if they were left over by someone else, unless you are poor.”
Mokokoma Mokhonoana

Jennifer L. Armentrout
“Do you know who that is?” Ainsley asked.
Swallowing as I placed the glass down, I nodded. “His name is...Hector. He’s Rider’s friend.”
A slow smile curled her lips. “He’s yummy.”
Just at that moment Hector laughed at something Rider must’ve said. The sound was deep and it traveled, turning several heads in the café. Hector was yummy. No doubt about that, but my gaze strayed to Rider. He smiled slightly, the dimple in his right cheek playing peekaboo. His lips moved and Hector glanced over at our table.
Surprise flickered over his face and then his full lips kicked up when his gaze settled on Ainsley and stayed.
“Me likie,” she whispered. “Does he have a girlfriend?”
I shrugged, wondering if she still had a boyfriend.”
Jennifer L. Armentrout, The Problem with Forever

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