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David Levithan
“I showed him the Post-it. “You see They’re from Lily.”

“Who’s Lily?”

“Some girl.”

“Ooh... a girl!”

“Boomer, we’re not in third grade anymore. You don’t say, ‘Ooh... a girl!’”

“What? You fucking her?”

“Okay, Boomer, you’re right. I liked ‘Ooh... a girl!’ much more than that.
Let’s stick with ‘Ooh... a girl!”
David Levithan, Dash & Lily's Book of Dares

Anna Banks
“It's easy to remember, because dating rhymes with mating, and they're almost the same [...] So your mom thinks we're ma-- Uh, dating?”
Anna Banks, Of Poseidon

Elizabeth Scott
“Grace is my favourite church word. A state of being. Something you can pray for. Something God can grant. Something you can obtain. Perfection is out of reach. But grace -- grace you can reach for.”
Elizabeth Scott, Living Dead Girl

John Scalzi
“In general there should be gay characters in YA because a) surprise, there are gay folks everywhere and b) in my opinion as a father, there’s not a damn thing wrong with my child encountering gay folks in her literature, because see point a).”
John Scalzi

Aprilynne Pike
“I just don't want to cozy up to the guy whose girl I have every intention of stealing.”
Aprilynne Pike

Jennifer L. Armentrout
“With every breath I take, I will always love you.”
Jennifer L. Armentrout, Every Last Breath

“We come back to the same people to learn something about how we have changed. We want to be assured that we have changed. We so want our pictures to paint differently than they do.”
Heather Duffy Stone, This Is What I Want to Tell You

Courtney Allison Moulton
“Are you coming with us?"
He looked down at me, his eyes a cool mint green. He seemed to have calmed down since Cadan left.
"If you wish."
"I would feel better if you were close," I whispered. "Cadan freaked me out."
"Then of course," he said. "I'll follow you anywhere.”
Courtney Allison Moulton, Angelfire

Ellen Hopkins
“Am I more afraid
Of taking a chance and
learning I'm somebody
I don't know, or of risking
new territory,
only to find I'm the same
old me? There is comfort
in the tried and true.
Breaking ground
might uncover a sinkhole,
one impossible to climb out
of. And setting sail in
uncharted waters
might mean capsizing into
a sea monster's jaws.
Easier to turn my back on
these things
than to try tjem and fail.
And yet, a whisper insists
I need to know if they are or
aren't integral to me.
Status quo is a swamp.
And stagnation is slow death.”
Ellen Hopkins, Perfect

Priya Ardis
“I caught his hand. “What do you want me to do?”
Leaning down, he kissed the pulse beating on my neck just above the damaged skin. “Tomorrow, I need you to die.”
Priya Ardis, My Merlin Awakening

Tahereh Mafi
“1,320 seconds walk into the room before he does.”
Tahereh Mafi, Shatter Me

Foz Meadows
“Something that’s bothered me for a while now is the current profligacy in YA culture of Team Boy 1 vs Team Boy 2 fangirling. [...] Despite the fact that I have no objection to shipping, this particular species of team-choosing troubled me, though I had difficulty understanding why. Then I saw it applied to Suzanne Collins’s The Hunger Games trilogy – Team Peeta vs Team Gale – and all of a sudden it hit me that anyone who thought romance and love-triangles were the main event in that series had utterly missed the point. Sure, those elements are present in the story, but they aren’t anywhere near being the bones of it, because The Hunger Games, more than anything else, is about war, survival, politics, propaganda and power. Seeing such a strong, raw narrative reduced to a single vapid argument – which boy is cuter? – made me physically angry.

So, look. People read different books for different reasons. The thing I love about a story are not necessarily the things you love, and vice versa. But riddle me this: are the readers of these series really so excited, so thrilled by the prospect of choosing! between! two! different! boys! that they have to boil entire narratives down to a binary equation based on male physical perfection and, if we’re very lucky, chivalrous behaviour? While feminism most certainly champions the right of women to chose their own partners, it also supports them to choose things besides men, or to postpone the question of partnership in favour of other pursuits – knowledge, for instance. Adventure. Careers. Wild dancing. Fun. Friendship. Travel. Glorious mayhem. And while, as a woman now happily entering her fourth year of marriage, I’d be the last person on Earth to suggest that male companionship is inimical to any of those things, what’s starting to bother me is the comparative dearth of YA stories which aren’t, in some way, shape or form, focussed on Girls Getting Boyfriends, and particularly Hot Immortal Or Magical Boyfriends Whom They Will Love For All Eternity.

Blog post: Love Team Freezer”
Foz Meadows

Shaun David Hutchinson
“I could write my name across the sky, and it would be in invisible ink.”
Shaun David Hutchinson, We Are the Ants

Soman Chainani
“Sophie: "For the Create-A-Tale Competition, your story ended with Snow White eaten by vultures and Cinderella drowning her-self in a tub."

Agatha: "I thought it was a better ending.”
Soman Chainani, The School for Good and Evil
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Courtney Summers
“I elbow my way through the mass of people to get to my locker because there's something immensely satisfying about the toughest part of my arm connecting with the softest part of everyone else.”
Courtney Summers, Cracked Up to Be
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Shaun David Hutchinson
“History is just a way of keeping score, but it doesn't have to be who we are.”
Shaun David Hutchinson, We Are the Ants

Shaun David Hutchinson
“I was diamond on the outside, and I would not break.
Inside, though, I was already broken.”
Shaun David Hutchinson, We Are the Ants

Shaun David Hutchinson
“As human beings, we're born believing that we are the apex of creation, that we are invincible, that no problem exists that we cannot solve. But we inevitably die with all our beliefs broken.”
Shaun David Hutchinson, We Are the Ants

Priya Ardis
“He’d used the amulet to read my thoughts again.
I pictured smacking him in the face.”
Priya Ardis, Ever My Merlin

Addison Moore
“Anyone ever teach you to run away from danger ” “Don’t be stupid Ellis.” I open the door. “That’s where all the fun is.”
Addison Moore
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Priya Ardis
“I noticed him right away. No, it wasn’t his lean, rugged face. Or the dark waves of shiny hair that hung just a little too long on his forehead. It wasn’t the slim, collarless biker jacket he wore, hugging his lean shoulders. It was the way he stood. The confident way he waited in the cafeteria line to get a slice of pizza. He didn’t saunter. He didn’t amble. He stood at the center, and let the other people buzz around him. His stance was straight and sure.”
Priya Ardis, Ever My Merlin

Colleen Hoover
“She's familiar. My only familiar thing in a world of inconsistency and confusion.”
Colleen Hoover, Never Never

S.L. Naeole
“Robert, I’m sorry that you feel so strange, but I’m not sorry that you’re feeling it because of me,” I whispered, my heart feeling a familiar twinge as I continued, “but even if you hadn’t felt it, it would not change the way I feel about you.”
S.L. Naeole, Falling From Grace

Lisa Tawn Bergren
“Okay, try this on for size, Tall, Dark and Handsome. I won't be born for almost seven hundred hundred years. How's that strike you?”
Lisa Tawn Bergren

Holly Black
“She took a deep breath, "Last chance. Are you in need of rescuing?"
His expression turned very strange, almost as if she'd struck him, "Yes," he said finally.”
Holly Black, The Coldest Girl in Coldtown

Priya Ardis
“He’s so powerful. Who knows maybe he’s advanced past eating”
Priya Ardis, My Boyfriend Merlin

Shaun David Hutchinson
“Popularity is teenage heroin.”
Shaun David Hutchinson, We Are the Ants

Rebecca Lim
“We angels are misconceived in the human world. People perceive us as kindly and bountiful; when, in truth, we are about as fluffy, as gentle, as yielding, as rattlesnakes.”
Rebecca Lim, Muse

Gayle Forman
“Forgivenesss: It's a miracle drug. It's God's miracle drug.”
Gayle Forman, I Was Here

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