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Haruki Murakami
“Such wounds to the heart will probably never heal. But we cannot simply sit and stare at our wounds forever.”
Haruki Murakami, 1Q84

bell hooks
“As more people have found the courage to break through shame and speak about woundedness in their lives, we are now subjected to a mean-spirited cultural response, where all talk of woundedness is mocked. The belittling of anyone's attempt to name a context within which they were wounded, were made a victim, is a form of shaming. It is psychological terrorism. Shaming breaks our hearts. All individuals who are genuinely seeking well-being within a healing context realize that it is important to that process not to make being a victim a stance of pride or a location from which to simply blame others. We need to speak our shame and our pain courageously in order to recover. Addressing woundedness is not about blaming others; however, it does allow individuals who have been, and are, hurt to insist on accountability and responsibility both from themselves and from those who were the agents of their suffering as well as those who bore witness. Constructive confrontation aids our healing.”
bell hooks, All About Love: New Visions

Nayomi Munaweera
“They say that family is the place of safety. But sometimes this is the greatest lie; family is not sanctuary, it is not safety and succour. For some of us, it is the secret wound. Sooner or later we pay for the woundings of our ancestors.”
Nayomi Munaweera, What Lies Between Us

Joseph Conrad
“I am stupid, am I not? What more can I want? If you ask them who is brave--who is true--who is just--who is it they would trust with their lives?--they would say, Tuan Jim. And yet they can never know the real, real truth....”
Joseph Conrad, Lord Jim

Tina Samples
“A woman will endure many wounds in her lifetime, but the betrayal of a friend is one of the most difficult to overcome.”
Tina Samples

Bangambiki Habyarimana
“A knife may scar a body, but a careless word will wound a soul.”
Bangambiki Habyarimana

نزار قباني
“يا ربّ : إنّ لكلّ جرحٍ ساحلًا
وَ أنا جراحاتي بغير سواحلِ
كلُّ المنافي لا تبدِّدُ وحشتي
ما دام منفايَ الكبير بداخلي”
نزار قباني, قصائد مغضوب عليها

“Each of us wages a private battle to thrive. Whenever a person fully immerses oneself in life’s aromatic flower garden of pleasures and encounters life’s warship of armor-plated rigors, they blend and bend to make reasonable accommodations for surviving. Scripted and unscripted encounters with superior militant forces bruise us mightily and eventually cut us to the core. Every person’s life contains a minefield of obstacles that function as potential barriers to achieving our ultimate manifestation. The expended labor of continuously hefting oneself over one contentious hurdle after another is what leads a conscientious person onto the path of needing to write in order to create emotional poultices to ameliorate painful wounds.”
Kilroy J. Oldster, Dead Toad Scrolls

“Time Heals all our wounds and open a wound at Others”
Jan Jansen Easy Branches

Bangambiki Habyarimana
“A physical wound may heal, but a spiritual one may last for ever”
Bangambiki Habyarimana

Mimi Novic
“Everyone we meet has wounds upon their heart.
Everyone is waiting for someone to scatter the seeds of love amongst their tears and to be patient enough to wait for their beautiful fragrance of dreams to awaken once more.”
Mimi Novic, Guidebook To Your Heart