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Diane Ackerman
“Wonder is the heaviest element on the periodic table. Even a tiny fleck of it stops time.”
Diane Ackerman

Erik Pevernagie
“When love stealthily settles down in our inner world as we dwell through fields of expectations with eyes wide open, unfurling sceneries of wonderment slowly unroll on our path and overwhelm our mindset. ("I seek you")”
Erik Pevernagie

Paula Hawkins
“Who's to say that once I run, I'll find that isn't enough? Who's to say I won't end up feeling exactly the way I do right now-not safe, but stifled? Maybe I'll want to run again, and again, and eventually I'll end up back on those old tracks, because there's nowhere left to go. Maybe. Maybe not. You have to take the risk, don't you”
Paula Hawkins, The Girl on the Train

M. Scott Peck
“Life is difficult.”
M. Scott Peck, The Road Less Traveled: A New Psychology of Love, Traditional Values and Spiritual Growth


It is a person's unquenchable thirst for wonder
That sets them on their initial quest for truth.
The more doors you open, the smaller you become.
The more places you see and the more people you meet,
The greater your curiosity grows.
The greater your curiosity, the more you will wander.
The more you wander, the greater the wonder.
The more you quench your thirst for wonder,
The more you drink from the cup of life.
The more you see and experience, the closer to truth you become.
The more languages you learn, the more truths you can unravel.
And the more countries you travel, the greater your understanding.
And the greater your understanding, the less you see differences.
And the more knowledge you gain, the wider your perspective,
And the wider your perspective, the lesser your ignorance.
Hence, the more wisdom you gain, the smaller you feel.
And the smaller you feel, the greater you become.
The more you see, the more you love --
The more you love, the less walls you see.
The more doors you are willing to open,
The less close-minded you will be.
The more open-minded you are,
The more open your heart.
And the more open your heart,
The more you will be able to
Send and receive --
Truth and TRUE
Suzy Kassem, Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

“Never stop wandering into wonder.”
Suzy Kassem, Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

C. JoyBell C.
“Many things that don't really mean so much of anything, are wonderful.”
C. JoyBell C.

“We are all beautiful instruments of God. He created many notes in music so that we would not be stuck playing the same song. Be music always. Keep changing the keys, tones, pitch, and volume of each of the songs you create along your journey and play on. Nobody will ever reach ultimate perfection in this lifetime, but trying to achieve it is a full-time job. Start now and don't stop. Make your book of life a musical. Never abandon obligations, but have fun leaving behind a colorful legacy. Never allow anybody to be the composer of your own destiny. Take control of your life, and never allow limitations implanted by society, tell you how your music is supposed to sound — or how your book is supposed to be written.”
Suzy Kassem, Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

Kamand Kojouri
“Can we share my eyes
so you can see what I see?
Can we share my ears
so you can hear what I hear?
Can you perch on my shoulders
so you can go where I go?
Always in my heart,
I don’t experience anything separate from you.
This shared wonderment becomes doubled.
This shared love becomes infinite.”
Kamand Kojouri

“In a flash of wonderment she saw firm, continuous ground under her feet, stretching from back then to right now and on and on as far as her eyes could take her.”
Ann Brashares, The Second Summer of the Sisterhood

Andrew James Pritchard
“-Let us celebrate the joy and sorrow, Sidip suddenly recited, -the wonder and mystery of all we see, so that we might live and learn as we were meant to. They say of stardust we are formed, that the ocean flows through our veins, and our thoughts are of quantum particles strung together by slender threads of charged ions. Therefore all things are connected, all things have spirit, you, me, the animals, plants, rocks, the oceans, planets, stars and the whole universe, these quantum particles are forming webs of awareness focusing at the centre where dwells the collective unconsciousness of all that has and ever will exist.”
Andrew James Pritchard, To Revolt Is a People's Right

Sieglinde De Francesca
“The child experiences the world through wonderment
with amazement, awe & curiosity.

It is amazement that captivates the child, awe that opens
the child, & curiosity that draws the child further into an
ever fascinating world.

​Wonderment is the first step to learning.
​Wonder-filled education inspires creative thinking,
​engages the heart & enlivens the spirit.”
Sieglinde De Francesca

“If you talk about someone behind their back, doesn't that mean you are in front of them?”
Jordan Smith

“For your information, I do love you. Although at times like this I have to wonder why.”
Michelle Celmer, Best Man's Conquest

“And I wonder if the moment I die will know it’s the moment I die.”
Dominic Riccitello

Oscar Wilde
“He knew in what strange heavens they were suffering, and what dull hells were teaching them the secret of some new joy.”
Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Gray

Hanya Yanagihara
“He envied this in them, this ability they had to still be awestruck, the faith they maintained that life, adulthood, would keep presenting them with astonishing experiences, that their marvellous years were not behind them.”
Hanya Yanagihara, A Little Life

Lisa Kleypas
“Although Keir would always prefer his island to anywhere else in the world, he had to admit this place had its own magic. There was a softness about the air and the sun, a trance of mist that made everything luminous. Lowering to his haunches, he ran his palm back and forth over the fine golden sand, so different from the caster-sugar grains of the beaches on Islay.
At Merritt's quizzical glance, he dusted his hands and smiled crookedly. "'Tis quiet," he explained. "On the shore near my home, it sings."
"The sand sings?" Merritt asked, perplexed.
"Aye. When you move it with your foot or hand, or the wind blows over it, the sand makes a sound. Some say it's more like a squeak, or a whistle."
"What makes it do that?"
"'Tis pure quartz, and the grains are all the same size. A scientist could explain it. But I'd rather call it magic."
"Do you believe in magic?"
Keir stood and smiled into her upturned face. "No, but I like the wonderments of life. Like the ghost fire that shines on a ship's mast at storm's end, or the way a bird's instinct leads him to the wintering grounds each year. I enjoy such things better for no' understanding them."
"Wonderments," Merritt repeated, seeming to relish the word.”
Lisa Kleypas, Devil in Disguise

Benjamin Harrison
“If kittens turn into cats why don't puppies turn into paps?”
Benjamin Harrison

Alberto Alvaro Ríos
“His bread incident was just like my own story of getting run over. I didn't get hurt, exactly, though I did get to see the underside of something I thought I knew but I didn't. My father and I, in our turn, got to see something new in the middle of what was absolutely familiar, which is the hardest place to see it. Neither of us ever forgot.”
Alberto Alvaro Ríos, Capirotada: A Nogales Memoir

Mother Teresa
“One of the realities we're all called to go through is to move from repulsion to compassion and from compassion to wonderment.”
Mother Teresa

P. Sheelwant
“… As they trod on the golden carpet of petals, the walk reminded Sona of Raghu’s gush. She wondered what other magnificent boulevards of Indian laburnum Raghu would have described had his spurt continued.”
P. Sheelwant, The Foe Within