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Marisa de los Santos
“It's a well-known fact. All women are clinically insane, but especially ballet dancers. Psycho. extremely psycho. Trust me.”
Marisa de los Santos, Belong to Me

Charles Bukowski
“Women were meant to suffer;
no wonder they asked for constant declarations of love.”
Charles Bukowski

Edie Ramer
“Woman, you got a mouth on you."

"It's not 1955 any longer. Women swear as much as men."

"I miss women who talk about women things."

"You're changing the subject. Keep it up and I'll talk about my period. That's a woman thing.”
Edie Ramer, Dead People

Barbara Lynn-Vannoy
“I, on the other hand, had no quirks. Quirks require time, which most women have so little of.”
Barbara Lynn-Vannoy