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Leif Enger
“Real miracles bother people, like strange sudden pains unknown in medical literature. It's true: They rebut every rule all we good citizens take comfort in. Lazarus obeying orders and climbing up out of the grave - now there's a miracle, and you can bet it upset a lot of folks who were standing around at the time. When a person dies, the earth is generally unwilling to cough him back up. A miracle contradicts the will of the earth.”
Leif Enger, Peace Like a River

Jane Austen
“There is one thing, Emma, which a man can always do if he chooses, and that is his duty; not by manoeuvring and finessing, but by vigour and resolution. - Mr. Knightley”
Jane Austen, Emma

P.C. Cast
“I waited for my thighs and butt to uncramp. Of course, they didn't know the loosening rule. They were screaming things like *Are you crazy? Do you know we're thirty-five years old? Sit down and feed us a Twinkie!”
P.C. Cast, Divine By Mistake

C. JoyBell C.
“‎They are angry with me, because I know what I am." Said the little eagle. "How do you know that they are angry with you?" "Because, they despise me for wanting to soar, they only want me to peck at the dirt, looking for ants, with them. But I can't do that. I don't have chicken feet, I have eagle wings." "And what is so wrong with having eagle wings and no chicken feet?" Asked the old owl. "I'm not sure, that's what I'm trying to find out." "They hate you because you know that you are an eagle and they want you to think you are a chicken so that you will peck at the ground looking for ants and worms, so that you will never know that you are an eagle and always think yourself a chicken. Let them hate you, they will always be chickens, and you will always be an eagle. You must fly. You must soar." Said the old owl.”
C. JoyBell C.

Joseph Heller
“He was one of those people with lots of intelligence but no brains”
Joseph Heller

Charlaine Harris
“You think that it’s not magic that keeps you alive? Just ‘cause you understand the mechanics of how something works, doesn’t make it any less of a miracle. Which is just another word for magic. We’re all kept alive by magic, Sookie. My magic’s just a little different from yours, that’s all.”
Charlaine Harris

Peter Høeg
“Some thoughts have glue on them.----Smilla”
Peter Høeg, Smilla's Sense of Snow

Sergei Lukyanenko
“That's the way it goes sometimes: in order to help your friends, first you have to help your enemy. Better get used to it.”
Sergei Lukyanenko, Day Watch

Missy Welsh
“It's crazy what you can talk yourself out of when you're scared and into when you're not.”
Missy Welsh, My Summer of Wes

T.K. Naliaka
“Use all this life to make yourself a great writer, thoughtful and kind, slowly, surely over the years.”
T.K. Naliaka

Leif Enger
“Listening to Dad's guitar, halting yet lovely in the search for phrasing, I thought: Fair is whatever God wants to do.”
Leif Enger

Hermann Hesse
“Wisdom is not communicable. The wisdom which a wise man tries to communicate always sound foolish.”
Hermann Hesse

M. Chandler
“Gut instinct," Jeremy wheezed.

"Your gut's been shot," Mike pointed out, but he looked uncertain.”
M. Chandler, The Morning Star

Satin Russell
“Who knows? Maybe you both live happily ever after, or maybe three months from now you end the relationship because he doesn't squeeze the toothpaste from the bottom...nothing is guaranteed." - Olivia Harper, Secret Need”
Satin Russell, Secret Need

Bram Stoker
“Ah,it is the fault of our science that it wants to explain all; and if it explain not,then it says there is nothing to explain. But yet we see around us every day the growth of new beliefs,which think themselves new; and which are yet but old,which pretend to be young like fine ladys at the opera.”
Bram Stoker, Dracula

Sabrina York
“I know it's not always easy making the smart choice. Giving up things you want to do in exchange for prudence. Or to protect people you care about from worry and fear. But it is something a wise young lady does...I'm verra proud of you for making the wise choice, Isobel." Alexander Lochlannach from Susana and the Scot p. 205 by Sabrina York”
Sabrina York, Susana and the Scot

J. Devau
“I was not alone in my success, only in my failure.”
J. Devau, Theory of the Atheist

E.M. Swift-Hook
“No one is ever too old for stories.” ~ Durban Chola”
E.M. Swift-Hook, Times of Change

Michael D. O'Brien
“Men are accustomed to making objective assessments of devastating situations, as long as they are not immersed in them. Rare is he who maintains objectivity in the midst of personal affliction.”
Michael D. O'Brien, The Fool of New York City: A Novel

“Щастие. Просто като чаша шоколад или сложно като сърцето. Тръпчиво. Сладко. Живо”
Джоан Харис, Chocolat

Alexandre Dumas
“all human wisdom is contained in the words 'wait and hope!”
Alexandre Dumas, The Count of Monte Cristo

Abby Gordon
“Often when something ill is said of a person it is because the speaker is jealous or bitter at them. Question the motive for both good and bad comments.
Abby Gordon, Justice of the Root

Kyle  Fox
“It is easier to dig up the past, than to save the present – Even though our past actions, have presently dug us in so deep.”
Kyle Fox, Exiles of Eden: The Demonic Dodecahedron

Nupur Tustin
“All good storytellers are of necessity good writers - even if they may be poorly edited ones. Unfortunately, not all good writers are good storytellers.”
Nupur Tustin

“Goodness is funny because it draws you to it while curiously possessing you with the untrammelled desire to turn it into something bad.”
Sophie Villalobos

“Yes, I am your enemy, as I was in my other incarnations, but that is my nature, and it is something I cannot escape. As I am defeated today, I tell you to believe what you will. Just as you believe in yourself, your worst enemies believe in themselves”

Tori Eldridge
“Never become so attached to following the path that you cease to question whether you should still be on it.”
Tori Eldridge, The Ninja Daughter

Samantha St. Claire
“Beware the dangers of making decisions after the sun sets. Best to tuck your worries under your pillow and sleep on them till morning. Sometimes in the night the worries will be ironed out by your sleeping head.”
Samantha St. Claire, Comes the Winter

Samantha St. Claire
“For years, measuring herself against others less tolerant, she’d thought of herself as a kind and good person, even generous. It occurred to her that she’d been using an imperfect measuring stick.⁣”
Samantha St. Claire, Comes the Winter

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