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Arzum Uzun
“I love you in my very own way.
Like a stone loves the mosses around it
Like a sea loves the pebbles in it
Like a coincidence...
Taking you as the way you are,
With all the bruises, scars and broken parts all around you and your heart.

I love you in my very own way
By throwing the stone, the mosses, the sea and the pebbles to your head
Like i want to kill you.
Just because of envying the love
That my heart spend on you.”
Arzum Uzun

“She was drawn to the wild warriors, they had to have a little gypsy in their veins.”
Nikki Rowe

Nikita Dudani
“Say it aloud! Let everyone hear... I want a crazy lover who isn't afraid of shouting my name from rooftops, or in busy streets, or during an argument. I want a crazy love where freedom sparks in, two bodies and souls are sewed together, and there is nothing artificial nor any kind of societal pressure. Is it hard to search or too much to ask for?”
Nikita Dudani

“She would only let you know her, little by little ~ never giving too much away but willing to share the small parts that make up her life, she falls slowly like that ~ love isn't a maybe thing in her eyes & her heart is the prize, she knows her worth and she will withstand the wait.”
Nikki Rowe

Donika Kelly
“I have never known a field as wild
as your heart.
-From "Love Poem: Centaur”
Donika Kelly, Bestiary: Poems