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Anthony Liccione
“Silent as a flower, her face fell in dismay, aware that the ghost of lust ate and left, sensing that there was a different scent of perfume consuming the room, and that she had numbered and counted the he loves me, he loves me not of each petal, where the lifeless dust had settle.”
Anthony Liccione

Winston Graham
“No man wants his wife to be a woman that other men don't desire....But every man wants his wife to be a woman that other men don't get.”
Winston Graham, The Four Swans

Maggie Stiefvater
“Piper’s lust was like a single bear trap in the wilderness. It was nearly impossible to find if you were looking for it, but it was something you wanted to be prepared for if you stepped into it by accident.”
Maggie Stiefvater, Blue Lily, Lily Blue

Lucian Bane
“Everything you do.. defies any dream I've ever dreamed. You're so much more perfect to me than I ever knew how to wish for. ~Tara Mae~”
Lucian Bane, White Knight Dom Academy: The Beginning

أحمد خالد توفيق
“أمه وأخواته لا يعرفن عنه الكثير .. هناك جزء من ذاته لا تعرفه سوى الزوجة التي تردد: "أنتن لا تعرفنه" فتضحك الأم ساخرة غير مصدقة.. برغم أن كلام الزوجة صحيح تمامًا ..”
أحمد خالد توفيق, تويتات من العصور الوسطى

Victoria Laurie
“I immersed myself in my relationship with my husband, in little ways at first. Dutch would come home from his morning workout and I’d bring him coffee as he stepped out of the shower. He’d slip into a crisp white shirt and dark slacks and run a little goop through his hair, and I’d eye him in the mirror with desire and a sultry smile that he couldn’t miss. He’d head to work and I’d put a love note in his bag—just a line about how proud I was of him. How beautiful he was. How happy I was as his wife.

He’d come home and cook dinner and instead of camping out in front of the TV while he fussed in the kitchen, I’d keep him company at the kitchen table and we’d talk about our days, about our future, about whatever came to mind. After dinner, he’d clear the table and I’d do the dishes, making sure to compliment him on the meal. On those weekends when he’d head outside to mow the lawn, I’d bring him an ice-cold beer. And, in those times when Dutch was in the mood and maybe I wasn’t, well, I got in the mood and we had fun.

As the weeks passed and I kept discovering little ways to open myself up to him, the most amazing thing happened. I found myself falling madly, deeply, passionately, head-over-heels in love with my husband. I’d loved him as much as I thought I could love anybody before I’d married him, but in treating him like my own personal Superman, I discovered how much of a superhero he actually was. How giving he was. How generous. How kind, caring, and considerate. How passionate. How loving. How genuinely good. And whatever wounds had never fully healed from my childhood finally, at long last, formed scar tissue. It was like being able to take a full breath of air for the first time in my life. It was transformative. And it likely would save our marriage, because, at some point, all that withholding would’ve turned a loving man bitter. On some level I think I’d known that and yet I’d needed my sister to point it out to me and help me change.

Sometimes it’s good to have people in your life that know you better than you know yourself.”
Victoria Laurie, Sense of Deception

Barbara Kingsolver
“Until that moment I'd thought I could have it both ways; to be one of them, and also my husband's wife. What conceit! I was his instrument, his animal. Nothing more. How we wives and mothers do perish at the hands of our own righteousness. I was just one more of those women who clamp their mouths shut and wave the flag as their nation rolls off to conquer another in war. Guilty or innocent, they have everything to lose. They are what there is to lose. A wife is the earth itself, changing hands, bearing scars.”
Barbara Kingsolver, The Poisonwood Bible

Rajesh Nanoo
“Relationship ties
heart of two souls
eager to fly freely
soaring to sky feats
in full-fledged wings
unrestrained passions
to a realm in which
both remain invisible.”
Rajesh Nanoo

Adeline Yen Mah
“To celebrate his prosperity, fellow employees and friends urged him to take a young concubine to "serve him". Even Ye Ye's boss, the London-educated K. C. Li, jokingly volunteered to "give" him a couple of girls with his bonus. Ye Ye reported all this in a matter-of-fact way in a letter to his wife, adding touchingly that he was a "one-woman man".”
Adeline Yen Mah

“I want you with me, my dearest. Not just as a friend, though also as that. I want you as my wife. I want to know that we share our lives and cares, we share our health and ill, and we share our happiness and sorrow.”
Aleksandra Layland, Far Haven: A Quest for Certitude. A Fight for Justice.

Manasa Rao
“Guess it's high time we add the 8th vow in marriage promising that we shall spend time with our husband or wife more than with social networking sites!”
Manasa Rao

Diyar Harraz
“A marriage is sensitive, fragile and crucial. Once you mess up with how you handle it, it will shatter”
Diyar Harraz, After the Storm

Jalina Mhyana
“I cut our paper dinner with a pair of scissors borrowed from the front desk of the hotel. I cooked with a spice rack box of crayons – sixteen colors. I seasoned the pumpkin pie with orange crayon, and basted the turkey's crisp skin in brown. I was remorseless with my sketchbook abattoir, playing the part of carnivore just as surely as I was play-acting the role of wife. I may as well have been a wax figure in a dollhouse eating the wax-scented food.”
Jalina Mhyana, Dreaming in Night Vision: A Story in Vignettes

“‪Your beauty will attract him. Only your character will keep him.‬”
Genereux Philip

“((صاحبة الفضل الأولى علي في هذه الدنيا بعد الله))
و صاحبة الفضل الأولى عليَّ في هذه الدنيا بعد الله هي زوجتي ورفيقة عمري مي أبو السمن ( أم عمر). قد لا تعرف أو تقر كم هو فضلها عليَّ في مشوار هذا الدرب الطويل، وكم أحبها و أوثرها على نفسي، لم يكن هذا الحبّّ منّة ولا تضحية، سواء عندما كنا في الغربة أثناء فترة الدراسة أو أثناء مرضي وفترة علاجي أو في بيتنا مع أطفالنا. لم تكن حياتنا سهلة، كان علينا أن نبدأ من الصفر، ولكنها حاولت أن تجعل منها واحة وبستاناً من الورد الجوري زرعته في بقعة هادئة في ركن من حديقة المنزل.
كانت تقدم لي النصيحة سواء طلبتها أم لم أطلبها، و ساعد في ذلك تربيتها العائلية، وثقافتها الراقية، ومعرفتها بالناس، و صراحتها في القول عندما أخطىء أو أصيب. أفرح كثيراً عندما أراها مبتهجة و أحزن كثيراً عندما أراها صامتة حزينة. بذلتْ قصارى جهدها وعمرها، و أفنت زهرة شبابها في العمل العام وتربية الأطفال والعناية بهم وبي. مخلصة لأسرتها ولوطنها ومؤدية فروض الصلاة في أوقاتها ومكثرة من الدعاء، والعطف على الفقراء والمحتاجين.
كان فرحي كبيراً عندما أصبحت عضواً لمرتين في مجلس الأعيان (مجلس جلالة الملك). علمتني من الدروس الخاصة أكثر من دروس الحياة، و أعطتني من الحبّ والاحترام والاهتمام أكثر مما أنا بحاجة إليه، وبخاصة في أوقات المرض و أيام الشدّة. إنها عيناي اللتان ابصرت بهما الدنيا، وقلبي الذي ضخ في عروقي دماء الحياة .
د. سليمان مفلح عربيات ( وجه القمر)”
سليمان عربيات

Diyar Harraz
“The woman in front of him was perfect. Her sweet curved lips and flushed cheeks. The way her long eyelashes batted when she blinked and the incredible scent of cinnamon from her soft skin, she was the only thing that he’d finally gotten right. She was the only thing that mattermattered. No matter how far away he could run, the image of her would always be in at the back of his mind.”
Diyar Harraz, After the Storm

Robin    Black
“Non era la prima volta che mi trovavo a vivere sotto un regime di argomenti vietati”
Robin Black, Life Drawing

“A wife's power is not to prove her husband but rather to improve him.”
Johnnie Dent Jr.

“Greatest deal is to live a happy life with your own wife.”
Junaid Raza

“A man who truly loves his wife is loved by the entire world”
Prabhukrishna M

Patrick O'Brian
“«Hai il dono di comparire proprio quando la mia mente è piena del tuo nome e perfino della tua immagine. Ma, Stephen, mio caro, sei così pallido e magro! Ti danno da mangiare? Sei stato malato? Sei in licenza, senza dubbio. Devi fermarti qui per molto tempo, il colonnello ti rimpinzerà di salmone, di anguille affumicate e di trote, tornerà prima di cena. Mio Dio, sono così felice di vederti, mio caro! Vieni ora, riposati, sembri distrutto. Vieni a coricarti nel mio letto.»
«Devo venire nel tuo letto?»
«Ma certo che devi venire nel mio letto: e non devi lasciarlo più. Stephen, non devi tornare sul mare mai più»”
Patrick O'Brian, The Commodore

John Cheever
“I do what I have to do, like everyone else, and one of the things I have to do is to serve my wife breakfast in bed.”
John Cheever, The Stories of John Cheever

“There was no jealousy on the part of a new spouse over the love or affection a man or woman shared with a former spouse. It was considered a blessing to have had such loves in one's life.”
Aleksandra Layland, Ansgar: The Struggle of a People. The Triumph of the Heart.

Allan Dare Pearce
“There is, you will concede, a limit to the niceties a man is obliged to fulfill when his wife is dead and not yet cold.”
Allan Dare Pearce, Paris in April

Adam Nevill
“For Anne and our cub,
for making me and my life less beastly”
Adam Nevill, The Ritual

Janny Wurts
“Look at yourself, idiot. You reek like the slaughter-house. Plan your dastard’s revenge as you like. But for those of us liking our company civilized, spare us the horror and bathe yourself first!”
Janny Wurts, Stormed Fortress

“My wife Once said ''If You ever go bald, then I am gonna leave you'' And she never lied.”
Dinkar Kalotra

“Difficult job is to keep your own wife happy without hurting others.”
Junaid Raza

“When your husband's eyes light up as he comes in at night, you're in sad shape if it's only because he smells dinner cooking.”
Anne Fogarty, Wife Dressing: The Fine Art of Being a Well-Dressed Wife

Terry Pratchett
“Sybil never shouted when she told him off. She just spoke sadly, which was a lot worse.”
Terry Pratchett, Thud!

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