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“And do you want to marry him?"
"Maybe. I don't know."
"That kind of indifference usually means no."
"It's not indifference. I just haven't made up my mind."
"Either you want to marry him more than anything in the world, or you say no. It's very simple."
"It's not simple," Faye said. "Not at all. You don't understand."
"So explain it to me."
"Okay, here's what it's like. Imagine you're feeling desperately thirsty. Like insanely thirsty. All you can think about is a big tall glass of water. Got it?"
"Got it."
"And you fantasize about this big tall glass of water, and the fantasy is really vivid in your head, but it does not actually quench your thirst."
"Because you can't drink the imaginary glass of water."
"Right. So you look around and see this murky, oily puddle of water and mud. It's not exactly the tall glass of water but it does have the advantage of being wet. It's real, whereas the tall glass of water is not. And so you choose the oily mud puddle, even though it's not really what you'd prefer.”
Nathan Hill, The Nix: A Novel

Ljupka Cvetanova
“You get what you want and you become its slave.”
Ljupka Cvetanova, The New Land