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Jason Jack Miller
“May your glass always be full, may there always be a roof over your head, and may you dirty sinners be in heaven a half hour before the devil knows you're dead.”
Jason Jack Miller, HELLBENDER

Abigail Roux
“Want to go to West Virginia and risk life and limb with me?"

Zane smirked and gave a single nod. "Sounds like fun.”
Abigail Roux, Stars & Stripes

Heather Day Gilbert
“I couldn’t describe the smells of West Virginia, even if I tried. It has something to do with the leaves composting in the woods, the cold trickle of little creeks and waterfalls, the ferns greening up everything. But somewhere deep below, I can smell the rock and the coal this state is built on.”
Heather Day Gilbert, Miranda Warning

Jason Jack Miller
“Nothing else in the whole wide world matters as much as avenging your sister.”
Jason Jack Miller, HELLBENDER

Jason Jack Miller
“It's Coke, my man. You really think I'm going to let you pour any more alcohol into your body tonight?”
Jason Jack Miller, HELLBENDER

“At the end of the school day, we walked the long, cold way home feeling happy and hungry. There we found a warm fire, country ham with gravy and hot biscuits, and a mother to hug us! If snow blew under the doors that night, what did it matter? Christmas time was just around the corner.”
Jenny Lee Ellison, Sand Knob through the Eyes of a Child

Jason Jack Miller
“Henry,that's how you get rid of fleas. You keep them from laying eggs. You go to war with them.”
Jason Jack Miller, HELLBENDER

“The defendant removed his gloves and started toward the victim. Mr. Farley, still teasing, said: “Ooo, he's taking his gloves off.” The defendant then pulled a knife from his pocket and stabbed the victim in the neck. He also stabbed Mr. Farley in the arm as he fell to the floor. Mr. Farley looked up and cried: “Man, I was just kidding around.” The defendant responded: “Well, man, you should have never hit me in my face.”
Franklin Cleckley

“Who is destroying the mountains of eastern Kentucky and West Virginia?...It isn't the coal companies. It's us...You did this. Okay, forget the guilt. How can we change that?”
Erik Reece, Lost Mountain: A Year in the Vanishing Wilderness Radical Strip Mining and the Devastation of Appalachia

Lauren F. Winner
“In the false American imagination, West Virginia is a joke or else it's a charity case; but more than anything it is unseen, an invisible architecture of labor and struggle; and incarceration shares this invisibility, hidden at the center of everything; our slipshod remedy for an abiding fear, danger pinned to human bodies and then slotted into bunk beds you can't see from any highway.”
Lauren F. Winner, Still: Notes on a Mid-Faith Crisis

Heather Day Gilbert
“Sometimes I feel so entangled with the West Virginia seasons, it's like I'm breathing through them.”
Heather Day Gilbert, Trial by Twelve

Matthew Neill Null
“The boulderfields, the spaces empty of people--a lonesomeness city-dwellers could never comprehend. Sometimes it seems like you know animals more intimately than people. Beaver heads cutting wake in the water, bear shit jeweled with seeds, deer quenching themselves in the river's cool. Her family has lived here for three hundred years. But the place is wretchedly poor and backward and may never be right.”
Matthew Neill Null, Allegheny Front

“Nelson, do you remember the spring day when we climbed the barn gable so we could see the seagulls that mysteriously blew into our clay hills-- swept from an ocean neither of us had ever seen though it was scarcely a hundred miles away, each bird a genuine miracle high above the green barley? The time we saw that panther in the sycamore tree and Maw said it was the sign of war? Nelson, I am sixty-three years old, the same age that both Maw and Daddy were when they died. I have written this in testimony. With this book, I presume to be done now with such remembrance. But somehow I suspect it will go on, this peering down old wells, this excavation of memory and its shades.”
Joe Bageant, Rainbow Pie

Marilyn Sue Shank
“Gran always said our West Virginia mountains is like the bosom of the Almighty, keeping us protected and still in Him.”
Marilyn Sue Shank, Child of the Mountains

Homer Hickam
“Death happened often enough that a certain melancholy existed between the young men and women of the little West Virginia town when they made their daily farewells”
Homer Hickam, Carrying Albert Home: The Somewhat True Story of A Man, His Wife, and Her Alligator

Jodi Lynn Anderson
“West Virginia was mysterious and it liked to keep to itself. It hid in the folds of mountains, resting in the cool shade. It was sweet, beautiful, and bashful. Its woods held its secrets or at least it seemed that way to May.”
Jodi Lynn Anderson, May Bird and the Ever After