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Coco Chanel
“Some people think luxury is the opposite of poverty. It is not. It is the opposite of vulgarity.”
Coco Chanel

Mel Brooks
“I've been accused of vulgarity. I say that's bullshit.”
Mel Brooks

Coco Chanel
“I love luxury. And luxury lies not in richness and ornateness but in the absence of vulgarity. Vulgarity is the ugliest word in our language. I stay in the game to fight it.”
Coco Chanel

Werner Herzog
“If you truly love film, I think the healthiest thing to do is not read books on the subject. I prefer the glossy film magazines with their big color photos and gossip columns, or the National Enquirer. Such vulgarity is healthy and safe.”
Werner Herzog

Irvine Welsh
“Ah fuckin hate the way some American cunts call lassies cunts. Fuckin offensive, that shite.”
Irvine Welsh, Dead Men's Trousers

James Rozoff
“Vulgarity is like a fine wine: it should only be uncorked on a special occasion, and then only shared with the right group of people.”
James Rozoff

Jennifer Donnelly
“And then I remember this morning and I wonder if it really happened or if I dreamed it. It was nice. And weird. And tender. I'm not used to tender. It's a fossil, that word. Conditions changed and it died out. Like the woolly mammoth. It just couldn't live in the same world as dick box. Ho dog. Or wiener cousins.”
Jennifer Donnelly, Revolution

Pablo Picasso
“You have to know how to be vulgar. Paint with four-letter words.”
Pablo Picasso

Anton Chekhov
“They are all very serious people with stern expressions on their faces. They discuss nothing but important matters and like to philosophize a great deal, while at the same time everyone can see that the workers are detestably fed, sleep without suitable bedding, thirty to forty in a room with bedbugs everywhere, the stench, the dampness, and the moral corruption... Obviously all our fine talk has gone on simply to hoodwink ourselves and other people as well. Show me the day nurseries that they're talking about so much about. And where are the libraries? Why, they just write about nurseries and libraries in novels, while in fact not a single one even exists. What does exist is nothing but dirt, vulgarity, and a barbarian way of life... I dislike these terribly serious faces, they frighten me, and I'm afraid of serious conversations, too. We'd be better off if we all would just shut up for a while!”
Anton Chekhov, The Cherry Orchard

John Marshall Harlan
“[O]ne man's vulgarity is another's lyric.”
John Marshall Harlan

Jaci Burton
“Shut the front door!”
Jaci Burton, Taking a Shot

Iain Pears
“Manlius ... took care in his invitations, actively sought to exclude from his circle crude and vulgar men like Caius Valerius. But they were all around; it was Manlius who lived in a dream world, and his bubble of civility was becoming smaller and smaller. Caius Valerius, powerful member of a powerful family, had never even heard of Plato. A hundred, even fifty years before, such an absurdity would have been inconceivable. Now it was surprising if such a man did know anything of philosophy, and even if it was explained, he would not wish to understand.”
Iain Pears, The Dream of Scipio

Laurence Sterne
“All womankind, from the highest to the lowest love jokes; the difficulty is to know how they choose to have them cut; and there is no knowing that, but by trying, as we do with our artillery in the field, by raising or letting down their breeches, till we hit the mark.”
Laurence Sterne

Roland Barthes
“The unary Photograph has every reason to be banal, 'unity'
of composition being the first rule of vulgar (and notably, of academic) rhetoric: 'The subject,' says one handbook for amateur photographers, 'must be simple, free of useless accessories; this is called the Search for Unity.”
Roland Barthes, Camera Lucida: Reflections on Photography

“Women’s marches are a clever progressive divide and conquer strategy that not only turns women against men, but also turns women against each other in the guise of peace and solidarity. It is a brilliant tactic to employ media propaganda to make privileged women feel oppressed and then program them to think that vulgarity, exhibitionism and emasculation is empowering.”
Dawn Perlmutter

“Passionless is vulgar ("Metier: Why I Don't Write Like Franz Kafka")”
William S. Wilson, Why I Don't Write Like Franz Kafka

John Howard Griffin
“I learned a strange thing... that in a jumble of unintelligible talk, the word "nigger" leaps out with electric clarity. You always hear it and it always stings. And always it casts the person using it into a category of brute ignorance. I thought with some amusement that if these two women only knew what they were revealing about themselves to every Negro on that bus, they would have been outraged.”
John Howard Griffin, Black Like Me

Wilhelm Reich
“The patriarchal authoritarian sexual order that resulted from the revolutionary processes of latter-day matriarchy (economic independence of the chief's family from the maternal gens, a growing exchange of goods between the tribes, development of the means of production, etc.) becomes the primary basis of authoritarian ideology by depriving the women, children, and adolescents of their sexual freedom, making a commodity of sex and placing sexual interests in the service of economic subjugation. From now on, sexuality is indeed distorted; it becomes diabolical and demonic and has to be curbed. In terms of patriarchal demands, the innocent sensuousness of matriarchy appears as the lascivious unchaining of dark powers. The Dionysian becomes "sinful yearning," which patriarchal culture can conceive of only as something chaotic and "dirty." Surrounded by and imbued with human sexual structures that have become distorted and lascivious, patriarchal man is shackled for the first time in an ideology in which sexual and dirty, sexual and vulgar or demonic, became inseparable associations.”
Wilhelm Reich, The Mass Psychology of Fascism

Mwanandeke Kindembo
“Children wish, vulgar men hope and real men act immediately after considering all the alternatives.”
Mwanandeke Kindembo

“...The coarse rhetoric and reduction of women to violently empty reproductive organs isn't a great way to argue against Trump's vulgarity. The unhinged rhetoric, violent anti-speech street protests,and hysteria currently on display don't make Trump look like he's a unique threat.”
Mollie Hemingway

James Fenimore Cooper
“Mendacity and vulgarity can only permanently affect those who resort to their use. (Ch 17)”
James Fenimore Cooper, The Deerslayer

Robert Payne
“... perhaps vulgarity is the price one pays for possessing no civilisation of one's own.”
Robert Payne, Journey to Persia

Kakuzō Okakura
“Le ciel de l'humanité moderne s'est brisé en éclats dans la lutte cyclopéenne pour la richesse et la puissance. Oui ce monde avance à tâtons dans les ténèbres de l'égocentrisme et de la vulgarité. La connaissance s'achète au prix de la mauvaise conscience, la bienveillance se mesure à l'aune de l'utilité. L'Orient et l'Occident, comme deux dragons ballotés sur une mer en furie, luttent en vain pour reconquérir le joyau de la vie.”
Kakuzō Okakura, The Book of Tea

“There is a fascinating passage in Nietzche’s Twilight of the Idols that is one of the great passages in philosophical literature, and you don’t have to agree with anything else Nietzsche says, but this is a real gem: Writing about education in Germany in the 1880s, which very much describes our educational situation today, he says: “I shall straightaway set down the three tasks for the sake of which one requires educators. One has to learn to see, one has to learn to think, one has to learn to speak and write: the end in all three is a noble culture.

Learning to see – habituating the eye to repose, to patience, to letting things come to it; learning to defer judgment, to investigate and comprehend the individual case in all its aspects. This is the first preliminary schooling in spirituality; not to react immediately to a stimulus, but to have the restraining, stock-taking instincts in one’s control. Learning to see, as I understand it, is almost what is called in unphilosophical language ‘strong will-power’: the essence of it is precisely not to ‘will,’ the ability to defer decision. All unspirituality, all vulgarity, is due to the incapacity to resist a stimulus – one has to react, one obeys every impulse.” He later says, with great psychological insight, “almost everything which we crudely name ‘vice’ is merely this physiological incapacity not to react.” He further states: “A practical application of having learned to see: one will have become slow, mistrustful, resistant as a learner in general.
Jeff Nyquist”

Amit Abraham
“Vulgarity today has disguised itself in various characters and tones.”
Amit Abraham

E.M. Forster
“She asked if she could pray for her 'new father'—for the Italian!" "Did you let her?" "I got up without saying anything." "You must have felt just as you did when I wanted to pray for the devil." "He is the devil," cried Harriet. "No, Harriet; he is too vulgar.”
E. M. Forster, WHERE ANGELS FEAR TO TREAD Annotated book

“یکی از ویژگی های نبوغ این است که فکرش را به کوبیده راه هایی که ابتذال ترسیم کرده نیندازد.
(ص 428 نشر چشمه)”
Stendhal, Le Rouge et le Noir

Michael Bassey Johnson
“Listen to the birds, their lyrics are not profane, yet the entire world wants to hear them sing.”
Michael Bassey Johnson, Song of a Nature Lover

Abhijit Naskar
“Sonnet of Nonconformity

Nonconformity is no sign of character,
Nor is swinging on wrecking balls.
Vulgarity is the same as animal liberty,
Only accountability adorns our civilized halls.
Clothes have no bearing on civilization,
Nor does allegiance to law and order.
But habits that endorse self-absorption,
Breed nothing but degradation and disorder.
Perverted animals belong in the jungle,
Self-regulation is vital in civilized society.
If we are to take this world forward,
We must stand tall with honor and sanity.
Naked or not a human is always responsible.
Unregulated freedom sustains a world most cruel.”
Abhijit Naskar, Heart Force One: Need No Gun to Defend Society

Charles Bukowski
“Dentro y solo de nuevo, y la locura de la noche la locura del día.”
Charles Bukowski

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