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Idowu Koyenikan
“A highly developed values system is like a compass. It serves as a guide to point you in the right direction when you are lost.”
Idowu Koyenikan, Wealth for All: Living a Life of Success at the Edge of Your Ability

Nassim Nicholas Taleb
“Modernity: we created youth without heroism, age without wisdom, and life without grandeur”
Nassim Nicholas Taleb, The Bed of Procrustes: Philosophical and Practical Aphorisms

Vanna Bonta
“Money is only a human invention.”
Vanna Bonta, Degrees: Thought Capsules

Elizabeth Gilbert
“Il bel far niente means 'the beauty of doing nothing'... [it] has always been a cherished Italian ideal. The beauty of doing nothing is the goal of all your work, the final accomplishment for which you are most highly congratulated. The more exquisitely and delightfully you can do nothing, the higher your life's achievement. You don't necessarily need to be rich in order to experience this, either.”
Elizabeth Gilbert, Eat, Pray, Love

Richard P. Feynman
“I think a power to do something is of value. Whether the result is a good thing or a bad thing depends on how it is used, but the power is a value.”
Richard P. Feynman, The Meaning of It All: Thoughts of a Citizen-Scientist

Khaled Hosseini
“... I have dreams of you too, Mariam jo. I miss you. I miss the sound of your voice, your laughter. I miss reading to you, and all those times we fished together. Do you remember all those times we fished together? You were a good daughter, Mariam jo, and I cannot ever think of you without feeling shame and regret. Regret… When it comes to you, Mariam jo, I have oceans of it. I regret that I did not see you the day you came to Herat. I regret that I did not open the door and take you in. I regret that I did not make you a daughter to me, that I let you live in that place for all those years. And for what? Fear of losing face? Of staining my so-called good name? How little those things matter to me now after all the loss, all the terrible things I have seen in this cursed war. But now, of course, it is too late. Perhaps that is just punishment for those who have been heartless, to understand only when nothing can be undone. Now all I can do is say that you were a good daughter, Mariam jo, and that I never deserved you. Now all I can do is ask for your forgiveness. So forgive me, Mariam jo. Forgive me, forgive me. Forgive me...”
Khaled Hosseini, A Thousand Splendid Suns

Garth Stein
“But somewhere, a child surprises himself with his endurance, his quick mind, his dexterous hands. Somewhere a child accomplishes with ease that which usually takes great effort. And this child, who has been blind to his past, but his heart still beats for the thrill of the race, this child's soul awakens. And a new champion walks among us.”
Garth Stein, The Art of Racing in the Rain

John Green
“I realized that all my life, my values were based upon typical middle-class American values: hard work, doing good, living well, owning things, following the rules & being the best I can be... but God clearly says, "those are not MY values. I value justice, mercy & humility.”
John Green

Barbara Taylor Bradford
“Priceless things matter not for their value, but because they offer us an enduring reminder of stability and permanence.”
Barbara Taylor Bradford, Power of a Woman

Sherry Turkle
“When Thoreau considered "where I live and what I live for," he tied together location and values. Where we live doesn't just change how we live; it informs who we become. Most recently, technology promises us lives on the screen. What values, Thoreau would ask, follow from this new location? Immersed in simulation, where do we live, and what do we live for?”
Sherry Turkle, Alone Together: Why We Expect More from Technology and Less from Each Other

Deborah Day
“One is often so busy doing life that it is easy to avoid evaluating whether you are putting your energy in the direction you value most.”
Deborah Day

Tiffany Madison
“It should surprise no one that modern soldiers return home just as conflicted and detached as previous generations. The difference is that in the age of vapid American decadence, their simpler fundamental values are largely irrelevant to we civilians.”
Tiffany Madison

Charlie Brooker
“If you truly believe you need to pick a mobile phone that "says something" about your personality, don't bother. You don't have a personality. A mental illness, maybe - but not a personality.”
Charlie Brooker

“Promise of Marriage

Marriage is a mistake a man does knowingly... once he starts admitting it as a fact, it will be too late to get over it and by the time 5 little fingers and the flawless smile will drag him to adjust with that mistake , when it reaches it’s peek the Divorce comes as a tie breaker thats the exact point where he starts loosing his life and happiness forever and rest will be a living without a life till he melts in the ground .”
― The NoOne”
The NoOne

“self-improvement” is really about: prioritizing better values, choosing
better things to give a fuck about. Because when you give better fucks, you get better problems. And
when you get better problems, you get a better life.”
Mark Manson. “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck.”

Frank Sonnenberg
“If you don’t pass your values on to your kids, someone else will.”
Frank Sonnenberg, Soul Food: Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life

“In the contorted bookkeeping of the broken, the distance you hold yourself away from them is your only value.”
stephanie roberts

Bernard Kelvin Clive
“In the darkest part of the earth are hidden treasures; so in every man can be found valuable gifts, if only we dig deeper and overlook the dust.”
Bernard Kelvin Clive

Joey Lawsin
“Morality doesn't come from religion; it comes first from our Mother.”
Joey Lawsin, In the beginning, Man Created God

Nicky Verd
“Don't date just to escape the "Im Single" status.
Don't marry just to tick off a checklist. Life is NOT a grocery list. Find yourself first, then find someone who can accommodate the talents, the vision and the ambitions in your heart, someone who can be the enabler for you to emerge into your greatness. Find someone who believes in you, supports and encourages you even when the world laughs at your guts.

But first, find yourself because it is far more important to be the right person than it is to date/marry the right person. Become a person of value. Don't go looking for a good woman until you've become a good man. And ladies, don't go looking for a good man till you've become a good woman. If you want a loving, honest, faithful, supportive and rich partner; first become what you are looking for. You must meet the requirements of your own requirements!

Leaders, vision bearers and dream chasers look for character, commitment, vision, grit, faith, etc...but ordinary people look for coca-cola bottle shape kinder girl, a six pack kinder guy and a heavy bank balance...but dear men, it's her character that will raise your children not her beauty. It is character that makes a great wife. Dear ladies, It is character that makes a great Dad/husband not a car or a big wallet.

Take note good people, you don't need to die to go to hell...misalignment of core values/purpose In your relationship/marriage is the beginning of your own hell right here on earth. In my humble opinion, misalignment of core values is worst than cheating. Yes, both are evil but cheating is a lesser evil compared to misalignment of core values. Trust me, you don't want to test this theory, you may not come out alive.

So, leave the girl/boy down the road to a boy/girl down the road. Leave slay queens to slay kings. Leave party queens to party kings. Leave nyaope boys to nyaope girls, drug addicts to drug addicts, leave weed girls to weed boys, playboys to playgirls..,,AND legacy builders to legacy builders!”
Nicky Verd

“Once we perceive that most often we are paying price of many things in life at the cost of well-being of our mind, body and soul and just not money....that is when we actually realise, what actually holds real value versus what we think is valuable.”
Aditya J Ajmera

“The one we truly deserve in life is our own faith, if one don't have, life not at all value them.”
#Manjinder Singh Munday

“Societies started to lose morals and values, when men did not know the value and importance of good women, and women did not know the value and importance of straight men”
El hachemi Sabi

Richard Aldington
“There shall be no more gods; there shall be no more quiet and holy places of the earth; and the sea shall be filled with our dirty works. Your women shall breed like sows, and you shall work like robots. You shall value nothing for its own sake, but only for its market value. As for living, the machines will do that for you. In the morning you shall say, Would God it evening; and in the evening, Would God it were morning.”
Richard Aldington, All Men Are Enemies

“With the end of morality,
comes the death of humanity.”
Ravi Verma

“The set of friends that surrounded me ranged from a girl who received a Porsche wrapped in pink ribbons for her eighteenth birthday to someone who was ecstatic that he had made enough money to buy marijuana for his mother as a birthday present.”
Soo Jin Park, Precisely How to Live: A Wall Street Banker's Playbook for Success, Values, and Joy

Bernard Kelvin Clive
“When your values are not in congruent with your priorities, you risk productivity and fulfillment”
Bernard Kelvin Clive

Ari Gunzburg
“Sometimes what we have is valued the most when it is most fragile, when it is most threatened.”
Ari Gunzburg, The Little Book of Greatness: A Parable About Unlocking Your Destiny

Mladen Đorđević
“It's so easy to take time for granted, without thinking about its value. And yet, here i am on the racetrack, where the whistle was blown long time ago.”
Mladen Đorđević, Svetioničar - Pritajeno zlo

Frank Sonnenberg
“If we disregard our values, we’ll open our eyes one day and won’t be able to recognize ‘our world’ anymore”
Frank Sonnenberg, Listen to Your Conscience: That's Why You Have One

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