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Idowu Koyenikan
“A highly developed values system is like a compass. It serves as a guide to point you in the right direction when you are lost.”
Idowu Koyenikan, Wealth for All: Living a Life of Success at the Edge of Your Ability

Nassim Nicholas Taleb
“Modernity: we created youth without heroism, age without wisdom, and life without grandeur”
Nassim Nicholas Taleb, The Bed of Procrustes: Philosophical and Practical Aphorisms

Elizabeth Gilbert
“Il bel far niente means 'the beauty of doing nothing'... [it] has always been a cherished Italian ideal. The beauty of doing nothing is the goal of all your work, the final accomplishment for which you are most highly congratulated. The more exquisitely and delightfully you can do nothing, the higher your life's achievement. You don't necessarily need to be rich in order to experience this, either.”
Elizabeth Gilbert, Eat, Pray, Love

Vanna Bonta
“Money is only a human invention.”
Vanna Bonta, Degrees: Thought Capsules

Richard P. Feynman
“I think a power to do something is of value. Whether the result is a good thing or a bad thing depends on how it is used, but the power is a value.”
Richard P. Feynman, The Meaning of It All: Thoughts of a Citizen-Scientist

Khaled Hosseini
“... I have dreams of you too, Mariam jo. I miss you. I miss the sound of your voice, your laughter. I miss reading to you, and all those times we fished together. Do you remember all those times we fished together? You were a good daughter, Mariam jo, and I cannot ever think of you without feeling shame and regret. Regret… When it comes to you, Mariam jo, I have oceans of it. I regret that I did not see you the day you came to Herat. I regret that I did not open the door and take you in. I regret that I did not make you a daughter to me, that I let you live in that place for all those years. And for what? Fear of losing face? Of staining my so-called good name? How little those things matter to me now after all the loss, all the terrible things I have seen in this cursed war. But now, of course, it is too late. Perhaps that is just punishment for those who have been heartless, to understand only when nothing can be undone. Now all I can do is say that you were a good daughter, Mariam jo, and that I never deserved you. Now all I can do is ask for your forgiveness. So forgive me, Mariam jo. Forgive me, forgive me. Forgive me...”
Khaled Hosseini, A Thousand Splendid Suns

Garth Stein
“But somewhere, a child surprises himself with his endurance, his quick mind, his dexterous hands. Somewhere a child accomplishes with ease that which usually takes great effort. And this child, who has been blind to his past, but his heart still beats for the thrill of the race, this child's soul awakens. And a new champion walks among us.”
Garth Stein, The Art of Racing in the Rain

John Green
“I realized that all my life, my values were based upon typical middle-class American values: hard work, doing good, living well, owning things, following the rules & being the best I can be... but God clearly says, "those are not MY values. I value justice, mercy & humility.”
John Green

Barbara Taylor Bradford
“Priceless things matter not for their value, but because they offer us an enduring reminder of stability and permanence.”
Barbara Taylor Bradford, Power of a Woman

Sherry Turkle
“When Thoreau considered "where I live and what I live for," he tied together location and values. Where we live doesn't just change how we live; it informs who we become. Most recently, technology promises us lives on the screen. What values, Thoreau would ask, follow from this new location? Immersed in simulation, where do we live, and what do we live for?”
Sherry Turkle, Alone Together: Why We Expect More from Technology and Less from Each Other

Deborah Day
“One is often so busy doing life that it is easy to avoid evaluating whether you are putting your energy in the direction you value most.”
Deborah Day

Tiffany Madison
“It should surprise no one that modern soldiers return home just as conflicted and detached as previous generations. The difference is that in the age of vapid American decadence, their simpler fundamental values are largely irrelevant to we civilians.”
Tiffany Madison

Charlie Brooker
“If you truly believe you need to pick a mobile phone that "says something" about your personality, don't bother. You don't have a personality. A mental illness, maybe - but not a personality.”
Charlie Brooker

Bohdi Sanders
“You will find that if you will always stand for what's right, your self-confidence will increase. The more you stand for your values, the easier it will become to stand against the pressures of life. Soon, you will become a rock that cannot be moved, even in the greatest storms.”
Bohdi Sanders, Men of the Code: Living as a Superior Man

“One day I will also cover the shroud , Every relationship will be broken from this land, irritate me as much as you can,one day I will Leave you crying all the day.”
Snehashish Biswas

Laurie Frankel
“It just seems like such a hard road"-she took deep breaths until she felt herself inflated to the brink of bursting-"such a tough life. This is not the easy way."
"no," Penn agreed, "but I'm not sure easy is what I want for the kids anyway."
She looked up at him. "why the hell not?"
"I mean, if we could have everything, sure. If we can have it all, yeah, I wish them easy, successful, fun-filled lives, crowned with good friends, attentive lovers, heaps of money, intellectual stimulation, and good views out the window. I wish them eternal beauty, international travel, and smart things to watch on TV. But if I can't have everything, if I only get a few, I'm not sure easy makes my wish list."
"Easy is nice, but it's not as good as getting to be who you are or stand up for what you believe in," said Penn. "Easy is nice, but I wonder how often it leads to fulfilling work or partnership or being."
"Easy probably rules out having children," Rosie admitted.
"Having children, helping people, making art, inventing anything, leading the way, tackling the world's problems, overcoming your own. I don't know. Not much of what I value in our lives is easy. But there's not much of it I'd trade for easy either, I don't think.”
Laurie Frankel, This Is How It Always Is

“​Trust is a byproduct of value you create.
Value is reflection of your conscious action and dreams.”
Ankit Samrat

“To be valuable in life, have valuable values and value them.”
Ned Bryan Abakah

“Values are the standards you follow in determining your life.”
Ned Bryan Abakah

Amit Ray
“Your Divinity is your deepest values. God is more interested what great you can do not on your mistakes.”
Amit Ray, Peace Bliss Beauty and Truth: Living with Positivity

Navin Polaki
“Never show your Talent with free of cost, Because it's very valuable.”
Navin Polaki

“​In the age of technology and abundant resources, it's more important for youth to understand the value of resources and believe what impact they can bring to their life.”
Ankit Samrat

Carlos Wallace
“If it aligns with my principles and my values, I don’t consider it work; it’s part of my life.”
Carlos Wallace

“If you don't have it then don't count it; and if you have it then value it. Better the little you have at hand than the bigger that you just wish and hope for it.”
Dr. Lucas D. Shallua

Dele Ola
“Our values determine the moral outputs of our lives. These moral outputs become unique to us, and we call the combination, “character.”
Dele Ola, Pursuit of Personal Leadership: Practical Principles of Personal Achievement

David Amerland
“You, I, each one of us is the fundamental building block of the constructs we call, community, society, nation, world. Within that we also live a life, raise a family and conduct business. If we are not OK in our understanding, values and beliefs then our behavior will lead to issues that will overwhelm and destroy any system we put in place.”
David Amerland, Intentional: How To Live, Love, Work and Play Meaningfully

Tim Winton
“I'm in the business of useless beauty," he says. "And I'm happy with that. "

"I don't think art needs an excuse to exist. We need beauty in our lives, so we don't go mad.”
Tim Winton , Cloudstreet

David Amerland
“What is recognized to be character in an individual is usually called culture in an organization.”
David Amerland, Intentional: How To Live, Love, Work and Play Meaningfully

Aiyaz Uddin
“Give value to those who see value in you.”
Aiyaz Uddin

Maryam Monika Saliu
“Love became my superpower; if you choose to
love, no matter what has been done to you, you will always win.”
Maryam Monika Saliu, Resilience: Surviving a Life Saving Operation is a Silver Lining

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