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“Friends are the family you choose (~ Nin/Ithilnin, Elven rogue).”
Jess C Scott, The Other Side of Life

B.M.B. Johnson
“Melody exploded. "THIS ISN'T LIKE GETTING A FISH TO SEE IF I COULD BE RESPONSIBLE ENOUGH FOR A PUPPY!" She took a deep breath, calmed herself and lowered her voice. She then repeated the statement as if doing so removed the stink of the outburst.

"I'm well aware of that," said Lonnie. "And not to poke it with a stick, but you don't see any puppies sniffing around that empty fish bowl, do you?”
B.M.B. Johnson, Melody Jackson v. the Woman in White

“Anya looked upon Nin admirably. Having him as a partner-in-crime—if only on this one occasion, which she hoped would only be the start of something more—was more revitalizing than the cheap thrills of a cookie-cutter shallow, superficial romance, where the top priority was how beautiful a person was on the outside.”
Jess C Scott, The Other Side of Life

Kelley Armstrong
“I have to.
I've been fighting it all night. I'm going to lose. My battle is as futile as a woman feeling the first pangs of labor and deciding it's an inconvenient time to give birth. Nature wins out. It always does.”
Kelley Armstrong, Bitten

Dino Olivieri
“Questa è la storia, che fin da bambina,
turba i miei sogni più inquieti.
E tu? ne sai forse di più?”
Dino Olivieri, Di undici foglie

Kimberly Spencer
“Don’t you think it’s best that you stay away from mortals? You know they break so easily these days.”
Kimberly Spencer, Limerick

Kenya Wright
“His eyes went to predatory mode, following my every movement. The gold flecks in his eyes gleamed.

I was going to have to burn him again. I could see it in his eyes.

Were-cats and their constant need to poke and bat at things.”
Kenya Wright, Fire Baptized

Kenya Wright
“One downside of living with a Were-cheetah is that he purrs when he’s happy. At times, the apartment vibrated
all day from MeShack’s enjoyment of life.”
Kenya Wright, Fire Baptized

Vicki Pettersson
“...lovers, even those who are married, always exist autonomously of one another, no matter how close they are or how long they've known each other. That's why jealously can flare in even the most intimate relationships.
Because you know that at some basic level this person exists separately from you. No mater how close you are, the landscape of their life is always tinted a different hue than your own." - Hunter to Joanna”
Vicki Pettersson, The Neon Graveyard

E.J. Stevens
“Walking out into the night with a water fey was all kinds of stupid. Heck, Kelpies eat people. They may not play with their food as creatively as the Each Uisge, but dead is dead.”
E.J. Stevens, Shadow Sight

Vicki Pettersson
“But no life was without it's strain & strife, not if it was fully lived. Opening up to experience, even the good ones like trust & love, was to open yourself up to the pain. I suppose the key was to not compound matters by making the rest of it unnecessarily hard. My need for control had certainly done that in the past. So I made a promise to myself in that moment.
I would make a concerted effort to reach for what was soft & good in this world. I'd find a place to settle into, and hold still so that this world's good and soft could reach back & touch me as well.”
Vicki Pettersson, The Neon Graveyard

Vicki Pettersson
“What would become of me if I was never truly seen again?" - Joanna”
Vicki Pettersson, The Neon Graveyard

Suzan Battah
“She tapped her chest. “No, I’m not a freak, okay, so could you stop pressuring me.”
Rafael muttered something under his breath, throwing up his hands in surrender. “So what am I? What’s Karhl, Jayani, my brother, and all the BaSatai? Are we all freaks? Just
because this human has some kind of fascination with labeling you, you believe in it. Be your own person, Armani, not what someone else says you are.”
Suzan Battah, BaSatai: Outside In # 1

Bruce Jenvey
“Do I at least get to keep the toothbrush?”
“Sure. Unless you can get it back in that wrapper and seal it up all nice and new. Well, that’s what the last girl did. See,
you can hardly tell it’s been opened!”
--Reggie Sinclair from Angela's Coven”
Bruce Jenvey, Angela's Coven

Suzan Battah
“Armani halted, thinking twice about making her way over there, but she pushed forward not wanting to believe something was wrong. There was nothing worse than walking into a nightmare. And Armani just did. The air in her lungs seized when she saw her draped all over him. She blinked a few times, but Lily was still pressing her body all over Rafael.
Armani wanted to kill her, right then and there.”
Suzan Battah, BaSatai: Outside In # 1

Bill Blais
“Do I strike you as a frivolous man, Kelly?"

I look at him, sitting there in another thousand dollar suit. Pompous? Yes. Self-centered? Yes. Careless? "No.”
Bill Blais, No Good Deed

V.M. Marsh
“Normally, I would have kicked him in the nuts for touching me without my consent.”
V.M. Marsh, Concealed Influence

Sedrie Danielle
“Sometimes you must slow down to see that the world isnt spinning, rather its your own mind which makes things turn”
Sedrie Danielle, Knights of Enmity: The Barons Have Fallen

Suzan Battah
“Armani froze to the spot, unable to move. Her breath tightened in her lungs, shivers of awareness ran down her spine, the sudden energy zipping through her body announcing the shimmer of recognition.”
Suzan Battah, BaSatai: Outside In # 1

Ian Cadena
“Life's a witch and then you fly.”
Ian Cadena, Samhain

Rosemary A. Johns
“You know those vampire myths? Bollocks to them.”
Rosemary A. Johns, Blood Dragons

Carlos J. Eguren
“Devon Crawford era chica muerta. Algo que, como a ti, debería importarme poco excepto porque yo soy Devon Crawford".”
Carlos J. Eguren, Devon Crawford y los Guardianes del Infinito

Valentina Bellettini
“Quella frase detta in maniera così esplicita, quasi sfacciata, fu come un fastidioso prurito in un punto della schiena dove non si riesce ad arrivare a grattarsi; Eleonora capì che era gelosia. Eppure lei sapeva bene che era un sentimento naturale, privo di malizia. Sapeva cosa voleva dire sentirsi legati a un drago; doveva essere preparata. Invece no. Li guardava, e aveva la netta sensazione che non dovesse star lì: era di troppo, un elemento di disturbo. Si chiese se mai Alessandro avesse provato una cosa simile durante il loro viaggio con Indaco. Non aveva mai dato peso a simili cose finché non si era trovata lei dall’altra parte: l’esclusa dalla dimensione che si apre tra un drago e il suo umano. Nonostante il disagio, non riusciva ad andarsene: era curiosa, o forse troppo sorpresa per riuscire a muovere un solo muscolo; guardava il volto del ragazzo rapito dalla dragonessa, il suo sguardo colmo d’adorazione, meraviglia e rispetto.
Osservò le sue mani dipingersi di rosso, e provò ancora più imbarazzo nel sentirsi lì: lui apparteneva a quella creatura, adesso. Scosse la testa: non era il caso di fare certi pensieri. Cambiò rotta e cominciò a pensare che le cose sarebbero invece andate meglio: ora che anche lui aveva il suo drago, tutto sarebbe stato più semplice e si sarebbero capiti fino in fondo perché vivevano entrambi la stessa meravigliosa esperienza.
“Se è tutto così bello, allora perché mi sento così malinconica e triste?” rifletté. “Non mi è venuto incontro, non mi ha chiesto nemmeno come sto. Se sapesse cosa stavo per fare... Alla fine non l’ho fatto, ed è stato quell’attimo di esitazione a rendermi vulnerabile. Ho rischiato di morire... Non gliene importa più?” Sentì un nodo alla gola.”
Valentina Bellettini, Eleinda² - La formula dell'immortalità

C.T. Phipps
“The only reason people aren't all dragging vampires out into the sun or dousing us with gasoline like your group wants to do is because of a concentrated hundred-and-ten-year plan to make us palatable to mankind. From Bram Stoker to that Meyer woman, we have been subtly brainwashing humanity into believing our race could live in peace with yours.”
C.T. Phipps, Straight Outta Fangton

Jorge Enrique Ponce
“I immediately thought of the stars. Stars. Heavenly bodies formed by huge clouds of dust and gas bumping
into one another, getting bigger, their gravity getting stronger. Once hot enough, nuclear fusion occurs. And then a star is formed.
People are shaped in a similar way—just like stars—excessive amounts of dust and hot gas. And like stars, everyone’s life has a turning point prior to their big bang. The shit show before the creation. Y ’know, one of those moments that can fuck you up.
Cleopatra’s was when her father named her joint regent at fourteen. Fucked-up.
Bruce Wayne’s when he witnessed his parents get murdered. Fucked-up.
Charles Manson’s when his mother sold him for a pitcher of beer. Fucked. Up.
Not to mention 'Helter Skelter.”
Jorge Enrique Ponce

Ilona Andrews
“Any landing you could walk away from was a good landing.”
Ilona Andrews, Magic Bleeds

Jorge Enrique Ponce
“What is life but a fucked-up factory fabricating fuckups?”
Jorge Enrique Ponce, F*KTORY, Vol. 1: Fabricating Fuck-Ups

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