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Ralph Waldo Emerson
“All I have seen teaches me to trust the Creator for all I have not seen.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson

George R.R. Martin
“The unseen enemy is always the most fearsome.”
George R.R. Martin, A Clash of Kings

Israelmore Ayivor
“Our critics make us strong!
Our fears make us bold!
Our haters make us wise!
Our foes make us active!
Our obstacles make us passionate!
Our losses make us wealthy!
Our disappointments make us appointed!
Our unseen treasures give us a
known peace!

Whatever is designed against us will work for us!”
Israelmore Ayivor, The Great Hand Book of Quotes

Leigh Bardugo
“This goes to show you that sometimes the unseen is not to be feared and that those meant to love us most are not always ones who do.”
Leigh Bardugo, The Language of Thorns: Midnight Tales and Dangerous Magic

Sanhita Baruah
“I'd rather be not the light in your life
The bright day might make me obscure
I'd rather be the cold darkness
For it remains, unseen, uncertain and unsure”
Sanhita Baruah, The Farewell and other poems

Munia Khan
“Only the moon's smile can cure the unseen scars of darkness”
Munia Khan

Susan Howatch
“The organist was almost at the end of the anthem’s long introduction, and as the crescendo increases the cathedral began to glitter before my eyes until I felt as if every stone in the building was vibrating in anticipation of the sweeping sword of sound from the Choir.

The note exploded in our midst, and at that moment I knew our creator had touched not only me but all of us, just as Harriet had touched that sculpture with a loving hand long ago, and in that touch I sensed the indestructible fidelity, the indescribable devotion and the inexhaustible energy of the creator as he shaped his creation, bringing life out of dead matter, wresting form continually from chaos. Nothing was ever lost, Harriet had said, and nothing was ever wasted because always, when the work was finally completed, every article of the created process, seen or unseen, kept or discarded, broken or mended – EVERYTHING was justified, glorified and redeemed.”
Susan Howatch

Alexandra Oliva
“I think I can hear the unseen moon”
Alexandra Oliva, The Last One

Michael Bassey Johnson
“If you really want to be different, you'd better keep quiet and be a good person on the inside.”
Michael Bassey Johnson, Master of Maxims

Guy de Maupassant
“How fathomless the mystery of the Unseen is! We cannot plumb its depths with our feeble senses - with eyes which cannot see the infinitely small or the infinitely great, nor anything too close or too distant, such as the beings who live on a star or the creatures which live in a drop of water... with ears that deceive us by converting vibrations of the air into tones that we can hear, for they are sprites which miraculously change movement into sound, a metamorphosis which gives birth to harmonies which turn the silent agitation of nature into song... with our sense of smell, which is poorer than any dog's... with our sense of taste, which is barely capable of detecting the age of a wine!

Ah! If we had other senses which would work other miracles for us, how many more things would we not discover around us!”
Guy de Maupassant, Le Horla et autres contes fantastiques

Doug Dillon
“We co-create our reality with others in unseen ways.”
Doug Dillon

Frédéric Bastiat
“Experience teaches effectually, but brutally. It makes us acquainted with all the effects of an action, by causing us to feel them; and we cannot fail to finish by knowing that fire burns, if we have burned ourselves. For this rough teacher, I should like, if possible, to substitute a more gentle one. I mean Foresight. For this purpose I shall examine the consequences of certain economical phenomena, by placing in opposition to each other those which are seen, and those which are not seen.”
Frédéric Bastiat

Viet Thanh Nguyen
“The unseen is almost always underlined with the unsaid.”
Viet Thanh Nguyen, The Sympathizer

Dean Koontz
“Patterns exist in our seemingly patternless lives, and the most common pattern is the circle.”
Dean Koontz, Deeply Odd

Bryant McGill
“Uncommon success is found on the spiritual plane; you can't get there through common convention or following others. Hard work is not enough; many work slavishly-hard for little reward. Intelligence is insufficient; how many educated and brilliant people there are who fail utterly and completely. Goodness is not enough; how many meek and good souls are tilled into the earth like manure by demigods to fertilize their golden crops. There is something more — it is the unseen essential, and everyone has access to it.”
Bryant McGill, Simple Reminders: Inspiration for Living Your Best Life

J. Sheridan Le Fanu
“There is a faculty in man that will acknowledge the unseen. He may scout and scare religion from him; but if he does, superstition perches near.”
J. Sheridan Le Fanu, The Haunted Baronet And Others: Ghost Stories 1861-70

James C. Dobson
“Dr. Richard Selzer is a surgeon and a favorite author of mine. He writes the most beautiful and compassionate descriptions of his patients and the human dramas they confront. In his book Letters to a Young Doctor, he said that most young people seem to be protected for a time by an imaginary membrane that shields them from horror. They walk in it every day but are hardly aware of its presence. As the immune system protects the human body from the unseen threat of harmful bacteria, so this mythical membrane guards them from life-threatening situations. Not every young person has this protection, of course, because children do die of cancer, congenital heart problems, and other disorders. But most of them are shielded—and don’t realize it. Then, as years roll by, one day it happens. Without warning, the membrane tears, and horror seeps into a person’s life or into the life of a loved one. It is at this moment that an unexpected theological crisis presents itself.”
James C. Dobson, Life on the Edge: The Next Generation's Guide to a Meaningful Future

Julien Gracq
“...a redoubtable alchemy was at work behind impenetrable veils as the forest prepared its nocturnal mysteries.”
Julien Gracq

George Eliot
“But we are frightened at much that is not strictly conceivable.”
George Eliot, Middlemarch

Munia Khan
“...now open your mind by closing your eyes
see the unseen world within you which lies

From the poem 'The Unseen World”
Munia Khan, Beyond The Vernal Mind

“The earth is an arena of champions. We are all champions. We all did overcome millions of potential human beings’ before making it unto the earth. Our spectators watching our race of life are the Seen and the Unseen. Thought, attitude and choice are what bring the differences in the arena of mother earth. The real champions in this life are they that will run the race of life facing the storms, overcoming the hurdles, unraveling the puzzles of life, questioning the status quo in wit, over ruling environmental mediocrity and daring for great and indelible change out of comfort or discomfort.”
Ernest Agyemang Yeboah

“Humility is never about being small, unseen and unnoticed. Humility is really about expressing all the wonder you are in a way that all people see is the awesomeness and greatness of GOD.”
TemitOpe Ibrahim

Patrick Rothfuss
“She didn't know any better. Nobody had ever told her that she couldn't. Because of this, she moved through the city like some faerie creature. She walked roads no one else could see, and it made her music wild and strange and free.”
Patrick Rothfuss, The Wise Man's Fear

Alexis  Hall
“I knew how to be a friend, a lover, a partner. I knew how to make someone feel cherished and seen and listened to -- everything I had myself always so desperately wanted and been afraid I might never have because I was so used to being overlooked.”
Alexis Hall, Waiting for the Flood

Carolyn Weber
“I found that those friends of mine who welcomed the unseen into the realm of their seen offered immediate understanding. Some are Christians, some are not. Most are artists of some kind or other; artistry can extend to a way of being, of living lovingly in this world. Many seem to have almost a spiritual affinity for the unmarked trail, armed only with True North. ["Leap With Faith" Blogpost By Carolyn Weber — July 27, 2011]”
Carolyn Weber

Mehmet Murat ildan
“What lies behind the innocent looks? What lies behind the kind words? What lies behind the gentle smiles? Do not remain on the surface of the things; go behind them so that you can compare the seen with the unseen, the surface with the depth to find out whether they are the same or not!”
Mehmet Murat ildan

Anna Kavan
“Standing there, I had the feeling of putting on armour, taking up secret weapons, becoming like a dreamer, invulnerable for the moment—safe in my dream. Now I could face the world, having no part in life; the presence of waiting phantoms could be forgotten. I was outside everything, surrendered unconditionally to my dream, giving no thought to my next move, prepared to obey whatever impulse next reaches me from the unseen.”
Anna Kavan, Eagles' Nest

“...imagine that you hold in one hand an oddly shaped stone. You keep this hand closed into a fist, but still you can feel the stone’s curvature and the pointed edges, the roughness—of course, you know the relative size and weight and might even have a mental image of the color of this stone, even if you have not yet laid eyes upon it. Imagine that stone in your hand. Imagine what it is like to know everything about the way it feels, but nothing of how it looks. Hold that in mind for a moment.

Now, imagine that there is a person standing next to you who tells you that she also holds a stone in her hand. You look down and see the clenched fist and she sees yours and you confess the same. Neither of you, it seems, has yet opened the hand and seen the stone. Still, you can only trust each other’s proclamations. Standing together with your stones in hand, the two of you theorize about whether or not your respective stones are similar to one another. You discuss mundane details about your stones (not the special ones—you hesitate to make mention of the sharp point in the northern hemisphere or the flat area on the bottom). Your neighbor finally notes similarities between her stone and yours and you nod with relief and acknowledge that your stones indeed share reasonable commonalities. Over the course of your discussion, you and your neighbor finally conclude, without bothering to open your hands, that the stones you hold must indeed be quite similar.

Are they? It is only suitable to say that they are.

At the same time, and in spite of your desire not to offend, there is no doubt in your mind that the stone you hold bespeaks a greater prominence than that of your neighbor. You are not sure how you know this to be true, but it must be so! And I do not mean that this stone simply holds a greater subjective prominence. It has something of the universal, for it is, indeed, an auspicious stone! Silently, you hypothesize in what ways it must be special. It is possibly different in shape, color, weight, size and texture from the other, but you cannot confirm this. Perhaps, it is special by substance? Still, you are unsure. The very fact of your uncertainty begins to bother you and unleashes within you a deep insecurity. What if you are wrong and your stone is actually inferior to the other…or inferior even to some third stone not yet encountered?

Meanwhile, your neighbor is silently suffering in the same agony. Both of you tacitly understand that, without comparing the two visually, it is absurd to proclaim the two stones similar. Yet, your fist remains clenched, as does your neighbor’s and so you find yourselves unable to hold out the stones before you and compare them side-by-side. Of course, this is possible, but the mutual curiosity is outstripped by an inveterate pride, and so you both become afraid of showing (and even seeing) what you have, for fear that your respective stones will be different in appearance from the model that you have each conceptualized in mind. Meekly your eyes meet and you smile to one another at your new comradeship, but, all the while, remain paralyzed by a simultaneous shame and vanity.”
Ashim Shanker

Johan Harstad
“Vader leek wanhopig.
'Maar, Mattias , je weet dat het onmogelijk is geen sporen na te laten. Er is altijd iemand die je ziet. Altijd iemand die zich je herinnert. Altijd iemand die van je houdt. Bijna altijd. Dat is gewoon zo.'
'Dat is het niet. Het is niet zo dat ik geen sporen wil achterlaten, ze hoeven alleen niet zo zichtbaar te zijn. Ik hoef geen handafdruk in cement. Ik hoef niet geïnterviewd te worden om wat ik doe. Is dat zo erg? Dat je geen behoefte hebt om gezien te worden? Niet iedereen wil vooraan staan. Er zijn ook mensen nodig die nummer twee willen zijn.”
Johan Harstad, Buzz Aldrin, waar ben je gebleven?
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Nassim Nicholas Taleb
“[...] what you see is likely to be less Black Swannish than what you do not see.”
Nassim Nicholas Taleb, The Black Swan: The Impact of the Highly Improbable

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