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Elizabeth Chandler
“This isn't a game for me. I love you, Ivy, and one day you're going to believe me.”
Elizabeth Chandler, Kissed by an Angel

Chelsea Fine
“Gabriel glanced down. “Seriously, Tristan? You drive around with a trunk full of weapons?”
“Of course.”
“Because I’m the family bad guy.”
Chelsea Fine, Anew

Elizabeth Chandler
“How would you feel about sharing your bed?" she asked.
Tristan blinked. "Excuse me?"
"He'd love to!" Gary said.
Tristan shot him a look,
"Good," said Ivy, failing to notice Gary's wink. "Ella can be a pillow hog, but all you have to do is roll over her.”
Elizabeth Chandler, Kissed by an Angel/The Power of Love/Soulmates

Neil Gaiman
“So, having found a lady, could you not have come to her aid, or left her alone? Why drag her into your foolishness?'

'Love,' he explained.

She looked at him with eyes the blue of the sky. 'I hope you choke on it,' she said, flatly.”
Neil Gaiman, Stardust

Chelsea Fine
“I'm going to kill you." Gabriel pointed at Tristan.
"For what?" Tristan raised a brow at his twin. "It's not like I asked Scarlet to come lie on top of me. I woke up and she was just...there.”
Chelsea Fine, Awry

Chelsea Fine
“Before he knew he was immortal. Before life was no longer fragile. Those were the days when life truly meant something.

When life was hard but worthwile, and love was valuable because your days were numbered.

That was living.”
Chelsea Fine, Anew

Lisa Ann Sandell
“But, I believe," I continue, "I know what true love is - or what it should be."

"What should it be?" Tristan asks, his voice soft now.

"It should be a friendship and truly knowing who a person is, knowing his flaws and hopes and strengths and fears, knowing all of it. And admiring and caring for - loving the person because of those things.”
Lisa Ann Sandell, Song of the Sparrow

Chelsea Fine
“And why is Heather wearing pink? Come on, people."
Heather rolled her eyes and disappeared back inside the tent, reappearing a minute later with a dark gray T-shirt on.
"Better?" She cocked her head at tristan.
"Yes. You've just extended your life by at least an hour.”
Chelsea Fine, Avow

Chelsea Fine
“So," Nate attempted conversation for the third time. He seemed to be in a better mood lately. "Do you guys maybe want to talk about how every uncomfortable this is?" He smiled tightly, looking first at Tristan, then at Scarlet. "Because I don't know about you, but I feel awkward. Let's hash it out, shall we? Tristan," Nate said brightly. "We'll start with you. How are you feeling?"
"I like your honesty and openness." Nate turned to Scarlet. "What about you? How are you feeling?"
"Tired," she said. "Nine in the morning is too early for needles."
Tristan said, "Maybe if you hadn't stayed out so late, you wouldn't be so tired."
Scarlet said, "Look who's decided to speak again. Suddenly the silent and dark Tristan has an opinion on my life."
"Oh, I have many opinions."
"See?" Nate said, his smile tighter than before. "Isn't all this openness refreshing?”
Chelsea Fine, Avow

Elizabeth Chandler
“Quick, how do you pick up a cat?"
"Buy her a drink.”
Elizabeth Chandler

Chelsea Fine
“So...this is the dark dungeon where the very angry Tristan sleeps?"
"No. This is the dark dungeon where the very dangerous Tristan keeps himself away from the very carless young woman."
Clearly, he was in no mood for small talk.”
Chelsea Fine, Avow

Chelsea Fine
“Tristan was looking at him again.
"What are you looking at?" Gabriel snapped.
Tristan was trying not to smile. "You tell me."
Gabriel rolled his eyes. "Quit being a girl.”
Chelsea Fine, Avow

Danielle L. Jensen
“Now that your speech impediment has been rectified, perhaps you might say something. It would be best if it were humorous. I enjoy a good jest.'

'You are dreadfully rude,' I said to him.

He sighed. 'That wasn't the slightest bit funny.”
Danielle L. Jensen, Stolen Songbird

Chelsea Fine
“Scarlet was in pain all night because she wouldn’t let me sleep with her.”
Chelsea Fine, Avow

Chelsea Fine
“You'd think I wouldn't even have to say that, but seeing as you two were halfway to Babytown when I walked in here-"
"Just shut up and go pack," Tristan said.
"Ooh, feisty." Nate shook his head at Scarlet. "Tristan doesn't like it when I talk about you guys having sex."
"Neither do I. Geez." Scarelt was blushing as she shooed Nate from the room.
Nate exited and Tristan and Scarlet spent the next half hour lacing arrowed in blood and not making eye contact.”
Chelsea Fine, Avow

R.K. Lilley
“Well, boo, how does bacon sound?”
“Bacon sounds great, but you can’t call me boo.”
“Why not?”
“Because you’re not a rapper, and I’m not your shorty.”
R.K. Lilley, Bad Things

Melissa Darnell
“Why does this feel so right?" I murmured past the tightness in my throat.
"Why do you keep fighting this feeling?"
"Because I'm not supposed to want this."
His smile returned, slowly curving his lips up. "But you do anyway.”
Melissa Darnell

Sherrilyn Kenyon
“Am I too late?" Caleb asked as he joined them. "Did he do something stupid?"

"Yeah. On both counts." Tristan stalked past Nick.”
Sherrilyn Kenyon, Inferno

R.K. Lilley
“I thought that I’d found my new favorite hobby—watching Tristan cook anything at all.
“Bev has this really great frilly pink apron,” I told him. “What would I have to do to get you to wear
it while you cook for me?”
“You don’t even want to know, boo,” he said.
That effectively shut me up again.”
R.K. Lilley, Bad Things

Angela Knight
“Hey, I can cook."
"How do you know? You haven't eaten anything since before the Norman Conquest."
"I've never had any complaints."
"Given the infants you date, I'm not surprised. You could serve them sawdust and they'd eat it with a smile, dazzled by the swing of your broadsword."
"What do you know about the swing of my broadsword?"
"More than I care to. Women talk."
Which shut him up, as he started wondering who'd said what.”
Angela Knight, Master of Shadows

Danielle L. Jensen
“I was afraid... I am afraid of loving you, knowing that someday you will go and leave me here.”
Danielle L. Jensen, Stolen Songbird

Danielle L. Jensen
“Given the choice between one lifetime spent with you or a thousand without, I will always choose you.”
Danielle L. Jensen, Stolen Songbird

Angela Knight
“Maybe she's got a Facebook page, like every other kid in America. We could put something on her wall."
Her eyes lit up very briefly before she slumped. "No, she's far too paranoid for that."
"I was joking."
"Yes, but you know how kids are about Facebook."
"But she's hiding from an eight-foot-tall sociopathic werewolf wizard who can call down lightning bolts."
"We're also talking about Facebook."
Tristan contemplated her. "I think I need to feed you. Your blood sugar must be getting low.”
Angela Knight, Master of Shadows

Tamora Pierce
“Come on, Stork Boy, aren't you excited?”
Tamora Pierce, Tempests and Slaughter

Danielle L. Jensen
“You cannot vanquish my soul and steal my life, because they are bound to him. Just as his are bound to me.”
Danielle L. Jensen, Hidden Huntress

Joseph Bédier
“Tristan contrefit sa voix et répondit :
« Aux noces de l'abbé du Mont, qui est de mes amis. Il a épousé une abbesse, une grosse dame voilée. De Besançon jusqu'au Mont tous les prêtres, abbés, moines et clercs ordonnés ont été mandés à ces épousailles : et tous sur la lande, portant bâtons et crosses, jouent et dansent à l'ombre des grands arbres. Mais je les ai quittés pour venir ici : car je dois aujourd'hui servir à la table du roi. »”
Joseph Bédier, The Romance of Tristan and Iseult

Anna Campbell
“We have to convince Monks and Filey we're lovers. I mean only to sleep here. You have my word you're safe from my advances."
Surprisingly, that full mouth quirked into a wry smile. "So we lie like Tristan and Yseult with a sword between us?"
Hard as it was, hard as he was, he couldn't help smiling at the absurd image. "I find myself currently embarrassed of a sword."
He didn't say that, in the legend, the sword had proven no barrier to passion. He was in enough trouble.”
Anna Campbell, Untouched

“Kochankowie nie mogli żyć ani umrzeć jedno bez drugiego. W rozłączeniu nie było to życie ani śmierć, ale i życie, i śmierć razem.”
Dzieje Tristana i Izoldy

“But how are we going to carry that great beastie back?” “Leave that to me.” Tristan got on his knees and scooped Cavall up. With a grunt of exertion, he stood, holding the deerhound in his arms. Cavall licked his face to show his gratitude. Tristan snorted and turned his head away, but in the way people did when they pretended to not want a lick to the face.”
Audrey Mackaman, A Dog in King Arthur’s Court

C.M. Stunich
“So when I decided that I was in love with you, and that you were mine, I chiseled that decision on my heart in stone.” He steps forward and puts his fingers under my chin, lifting my face up to meet his. “You’re mine, Marnye, and I’m not letting go. Not even if I have to share your heart. The way you love, it’s infinite. That’s more than enough for me.”
C.M. Stunich

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