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“sometimes you gotta Run before you can Walk.”
Tony Stark

“Well, look--scarcity, need, desire--ugly as these things can be, they're the building blocks of most any societal structure. With nothing to lose, there's no sacrifice. When you need for nothing, do you dream of anything? From struggle comes virtue. It's part of our nature.”
Tony Stark

Kieron Gillen
“You can realize your dream, as long as it’s got enough nightmare in it”
Kieron Gillen, Iron Man, Volume 1: Believe

Matt Fraction
“Who the hell let you animals into my office?

I'll have you know I was playing a VERY unimportant game of chess right now with a man that kept saying "King me.”
Matt Fraction, The Invincible Iron Man, Voume 9: Demon

“I am Iron Man”
Davin Turney

Charles Soule
“You could drop Tony Stark naked in the middle of the desert and he'd fly out in a jet made of sand and cactus needles. It's not his *stuff* that gives him power. It's his *brain*. Try using yours. You'll be amazed the difference it makes.”
Charles Soule, Daredevil: Back in Black, Volume 1: Chinatown