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Christine Fonseca
“He would die in this room, buried alive by the weight of his life.”
Christine Fonseca, Transcend

Elizabeth Morgan
“What are friends for, but to help each other get through bad times and have multiple orgasms?”
Elizabeth Morgan, Creak

Kate Sweeney
“Sticks and stones may break your bones, but I will surely kill you.”
Kate Sweeney, Away From the Dawn

Elizabeth Morgan
“I want you both." I said quietly, not caring that my cheeks had grown warmer. "I have for a while."

"If we try this—" Tyler took a deep breath. "And it doesn't feel right—"

"We'll stop." Kacey promised as he slid his hand beneath my halter neck and began caressing my skin. "You say it baby, and we'll stop and forget all about it."

My stomach flipped at the feel of his fingers circling my navel. "And if I don't want to stop?"

An unreadable look crossed Tyler’s face and my heart skipped as Kacey moved behind me. The warmth of his body seeped into my back, while his fingers painted trails of heat across my abdomen and along my ribs.

"Then what happens in Silver Creek, stays in Silver Creek. Unless you decide otherwise." Kacey pressed his lips to my ear. A shiver ran down my neck and spine. "Does that sound fair?”
Elizabeth Morgan, Creak

Allison M. Dickson
“He was too damn old to run now, too tired of that romantic idea of freedom that infected the heads of the young and later killed most of them with crushing disappointment. The Cassinis had always made sure he was just comfortable enough to want to sit tight and not risk the generosities they’d afforded him, and the older he got, the more comfortable he became. Comfort had a way of killing the romance in just about everybody.”
Allison M. Dickson, Strings

Jonas Eriksson
“You sick bastard,” she said.
“Yes, I guess you could call me that." Terry replied.”
Jonas Eriksson, Everyday Psychopaths

Elizabeth Morgan
“Right, I can't watch this shit." Kacey grunted as he got up. "It's one thing getting a hard-on over you, baby girl. The fact that Tyler happens to be in the picture…I'm freaking slightly.”
Elizabeth Morgan, Creak

Saul W. Tanpepper
“[Reggie] had a way of picking the bad ideas, which is why we should’ve just said no.
(from GAMELAND Episode 1: Deep into the Game)”
Saul Tanpepper

Elizabeth Morgan
“We need to get you laid."

Despite the fact she couldn't see my face, my brow furrowed. "How is that going to help?"

"Rebound sex is exactly what you need right now, sweaty, dirty, work-your-frustration-out sex. In fact, I have the perfect guy in mind—"

I jolted up quickly at the sound of a firm tapping. I looked over at the window to see Kacey's sun kissed face, his shades resting at the edge of his long nose, baby blue eyes fixed on me.

I placed my hand over my thumping heart. "You ass."


"Not you, Jayne." I climbed off my bed. "Kay and Ty are here."

"Speak of the devil, and his sexy ass will most definitely appear.”
Elizabeth Morgan, Creak

Jonas Eriksson
“You have really nice teeth,” Terry said and thought they could be excellent for his collection of human body parts.”
Jonas Eriksson, Everyday Psychopaths

“Only a few can survive and face reality without a vice.”
Jacob Wild

Louise Ann Barton
“I come from a family of Cherokee master storytellers. Listening to stories, reading them, and creating new tales is my life. These tales reveal the beauty and mystery of people's culture and beliefs.”
Louise Ann Barton, THE MERRY CHRISTMAS MURDERS: a collection of extremely strange, short stories

Rebecca Clare Smith
“I stumble across the sea of tarmac, finding pavement, concealment and a brick wall. Palms brace against the scrubby surface. My stomach churns and then bubbles over, burning my throat as acrid yellow acid spills from my lips in frothy discomposure. It splatters the pavement like a spray of blood.”
Rebecca Clare Smith, Desecrated Bonds

Hunter Shea
“Does it have a bed?" Liz asked doing her best to prop him up.
"A couple of old army cots that probably have more mildew than a politician has bullshit.”
Hunter Shea, Swamp Monster Massacre

“I’m more worried about being dead than lost, Detective.”
Brian M. Holmes, The Devil's Assassin

“We are in the Dark to one another's Purposes and Intendments, and there are a thousand Intrigues in our little Matters, which will not presently confess their Design, even to sagacious Inquisitors...”
Joseph Glanville

Angele Gougeon
“It happened as it always did, swallowing her swiftly and completely. Intense. Painful. Quick, vivid colors spun beneath her eyelids. Sounds were sharp inside her skull. Fire shot up through her bones. She may have been screaming and she wouldn’t have known. There was smoke in her nose, thick and black, and she couldn’t breathe. It stung her eyes and licked at her skin. Wood and metal crashed down as skin blistered and popped and she knew this wasn’t her, knew it was someone else, someone with a bigger body, bigger boots and darker jeans, and big ol’ hands with scars on the fingers. Men’s hands. Nails blunt and dirty with oil and grease and burning and- The cars were on fire. Paper burned and curled and rags ignited, the cement floor pockmarked by flash fires. Meat withered in her nose and she realized it was her. Him. Dancing embers blackened and burned bone. He screamed and she hoped she was not. He writhed and she really hoped she was not. He was dying, dead, and-”
Angele Gougeon, Sticks and Stones

“She was no visiting angel...
She was DEATH herself,
and she had business of her own to attend to.”
The Originals - Rebekah

Sarah Lotz
“There's a third and final book in The Three series planned out, but it isn't written yet. I have one more standalone novel to do first and then I'll crack on.”
Sarah Lotz, The Three