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Stephenie Meyer
“Not that she wasn't hot - she was super, mega, hot - but not.. approachable. Like, not even the Rock would dare to whistle at her, if you know what I mean.”
Stephenie Meyer, Twilight / Life and Death

Laura Steven
“Her engagement ring has a Dwayne Johnson of a diamond on it...”
Laura Steven, The Exact Opposite of Okay

“god, not even religion.” produce religious books, and say things people want to hear, but l did not do that. “lnstead l am saying things that people do not want to hear.” does fahmi himself have a conflict with god? “l am not angry with god,”he says. “all my talent comes from god. “my characters are full of questions. some of theirquestions evoke anger. “personally, l think anger is a part of communication and interaction.”
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