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Philippa Gregory
“Because she is my sister, and therefore one-half of me.”
Phillipa Gregory

Philippa Gregory
“Your trouble, William, is that you have no ambition. You don't see that there is in life only ever one goal.' 'And what is that?'
More', George said simply. 'Just more of anything. More of everything.”
Philippa Gregory (The Other Boleyn Girl), The Other Boleyn Girl

Philippa Gregory
“Tell Anne..." I broke off. There was too much to send in one message. There were long years of rivalry and then a forced unity and always and ever, underpinning our love for each other, our sense that the other must be bested. How could I send her one word which would acknowledge all of that, and yet tell her that I loved her still, that I was glad I had been her sister, even though I knew she had brought herself to this point and taken George here too? That, though I would never forgive her for what she had done to us all, at the same time, I totally and wholly understood?

"Tell her what?" Catherine hovered, waiting to be released.

"Tell her that I think of her," I said simply. "All the time. Every day. The same as always.”
Philippa Gregory, The Other Boleyn Girl