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M. Chandler
“In that case, hell, I'll even spring for the coffee. Unless you're some kind of damned tea-drinking Englishman, in which case you can buy your own dirty leafy water."

"Drink tea in America?" Jeremy's eyebrow twitched upwards in disbelief. "I'm not that sort of masochist. Coffee, at least, has the benefit of being horrible the world over, so it doesn't matter where you get it."

Simon eyed him narrowly. "And to think I was almost not hating you."

Jeremy blinked, feigning confusion. "Goodness. Did I say something wrong?”
M. Chandler, The Morning Star

M. Chandler
“Gut instinct," Jeremy wheezed.

"Your gut's been shot," Mike pointed out, but he looked uncertain.”
M. Chandler, The Morning Star

Tania Penn
“There's an old saying, "I know they say that first love is the sweetest but that first cut is the deepest." Whomever came up with that, must have been a sadistic idiot. After the first cut, why would you want to punish yourself with additional cuts? You keep going down that road, eventually you'll get dismembered.”
Tania Penn, The Morning Star