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Alexander McCall Smith
“Isabel observed an etiquette of the telephone: a call before eight in the morning was an emergency; between eight and nine it was an intrusion; thereafter calls could be made until ten in the evening, although anything after nine-thirty required an apology for the disturbance. After ten one was into emergency time again.”
Alexander McCall Smith, The Sunday Philosophy Club

Alex Morritt
“There is already enough chattering nonsense on the ground. Do we really need aviaries in pressurised tin cans at 30,000 feet as well ?”
Alex Morritt, Impromptu Scribe

“Pay phones,
relics of an almost-vanished landscape,
always a touch of seediness and sadness,
and a sense of transience,
sweaty phones used by men outside maternity wards,
feeding them fistfuls of change.”
Brian D'Ambrosio, Fresh Oil and Loose Gravel: Road Poetry by Brian D'Ambrosio 1998-2008

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