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Patrick Rothfuss
“It was shivery and scant. Scared. Skint. But just around the edges it was still scintillant.”
Patrick Rothfuss, The Slow Regard of Silent Things

Patrick Rothfuss
“Oh no. He was emberant. Incarnadine. He was bright with better bright beneath, like copper-gilded gold.”
Patrick Rothfuss, The Slow Regard of Silent Things

Terry Pratchett
“Silence held the bubble of the world in its grip.”
Neil Gaiman Terry Pratchet, Good Omens: The Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter, Witch

Michael Montoure
“He'd grown unused to woods like this. He'd become accustomed to the Northwest, evergreen and shaded dark. Here he was surrounded by soft leaves, not needles; leaves that carried their deaths secretly inside them, that already heard the whispers of Autumn. Roots and branches that knew things.”
Michael Montoure, Slices

Jamie McGuire
“Abby: In another life, I could love you.
Travis: I might love you you in this one.”
Jamie McGuire Walking Disaster

Yoon Ha Lee
“The city lies at the galaxy's dust-stranded edge, enfolding a moon that used to be a world, or a world that used to be a moon; no one is certain anymore. In the mornings its skies are radiant with clouds like the plumage of a bird ever-rising, and in the evenings the stars scatter light across skies stitched and unstitched by the comings and goings of fire-winged starships. Its walls are made of metal the color of undyed silk, and its streets bloom with aleatory lights, small solemn symphonies, the occasional duel.”
Yoon Ha Lee, Conservation of Shadows

Jeffery Russell
“He attempted to bark the order and succeeded, albeit with more of a chihuahua result than intended.”
Jeffery Russell, The Dungeoneers

“She got dressed at the side of the pool, schooled her limp into a rolling gait and headed for the hall.”
Sally Courtnix, Brede: An erotic fairy tale

Scott Lynch
“It was raining when Amarelle Parathis went out just after sunset to find a drink, and there was strange magic in the rain. It came down in pale lavenders and coppers and reds, soft lines like liquid dusk that turned luminescent mist on the warm pavement. The air itself felt like champagne bubbles breaking against the skin. Over the dark shapes of distant rooftops, blue-white lightning blazed, and stuttering thunder chased it.”
Scott Lynch, Rogues

Ellery Queen
“The place smelled male, not the metal-and-soap maleness of a locker room nor the malt-and-sawdust maleness of an old-time corner saloon, but the leather-and-oiled-wood maleness of a city club, as finished and self-consistent as the ash of a fine cigar. At sight of the skirted figure stalking him, the sole visible attendant took refuge behind a showcase; surely a giraffe, were it a male one, would have startled him less.”
Ellery Queen, The Player on the Other Side

Heather M. Orgeron
“Spence,” he says as he lifts his brown eyes to meet mine. “You still make it hard to breathe.” “And you,” I say, swallowing as I try to rein in my overeager heart, “are still the same old charmer you always were.”
Heather M. Orgeron, Boomerangers

Caren Gussoff
“Some stories aren't meant to be told. The more they get told, the more they change from what they once were, worn down and smooth like pieces of sea glass too beautiful to have ever been broken bottles.”
Caren Gussoff, Three Songs for Roxy

Brooklyn Skye
“If he kissed her once, just once, he'd walk away and never think about it again.”
Brooklyn Skye, Just One Reason

“From her perch more than a kilometer aboveground, she surveys the city that never sleeps, glittering and coruscating in the rain like a metaphor for her glamorous life.”
Bao Shu, Clarkesworld Magazine, Issue 108

Richard Wright
“I would write:

"The soft melting hunk of butter trickled in gold down the stringy grooves of the split yam."


"The child's clumsy fingers fumbled in sleep, feeling vainly for the wish of its dream."

"The old man huddled in the dark doorway, his bony face lit by the burning yellow in the windows of distant skycrapers."

My purpose was to capture a physical state or movement that carried a strong subjective impression, an accomplishment which seemed supremely worth struggling for. If I could fasten the mind of the reader upon words so firmly that he would forget words and be conscious only of his response, I felt that I would be in sight of knowing how to write narrative.”
Richard Wright, Black Boy

Julian May
“Out to sea, the calm lagoon waters were darkening, while the comets overhead glowed brighter, omens in the gloaming.”
Julian May, Perseus Spur

Brooklyn Skye
“Still, that didn’t stop the flare of heat from returning to Melody's chest. “You called my boss a b word.”

Declan zeroed his gaze on hers. “No, I said she was being one, and she was. To you. And I didn’t like it.”
Brooklyn Skye, Just One Reason

Michael Montoure
“Everything laughed.”
Michael Montoure, Slices

Peadar Ó Guilín
“At least half of his hunters writhed on the ground with grubs already inside them, causing horrendous agony. These had to be helped away by terrified Ship People whose courage lay trembling in their hearts as lightly as leaves.”
Peadar Ó Guilín, The Volunteer