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Lili St. Crow
“I was always holding onto people, and they were always leaving.”
Lili St. Crow, Jealousy

Lilith Saintcrow
“His shoulder bumped mine again. "Can I ask you something?"

I didn't answer. He was going to ask me anyway. People don't say that if they don't want to pry something out of you.”
Lilith Saintcrow, Strange Angels

Lili St. Crow
“Sonofabitch answer me!" My voice bounced off the walls, made the whole room whirls around me. My blood pounded in my ears. Adreline poured through my blood, copper winding me tighter and tighter.
"YES!" he screamed back "yes. i am a fucking virgin, don't shoot me goddammit fucking please!”
Lili St Crow, Strange Angels

Lili St. Crow
“Amazingly, he smiled at me. "You're bossy." His pupils were still huge, but a little color had begun to come back into his face, especially along his cheekbones. "I like bossy chicks.”
Lili St Crow, Strange Angels

Lilith Saintcrow
“First one's free.”
Lilith Saintcrow, Strange Angels

Lili St. Crow
“Graves leaned forward, eyeing me. "Hey, Dru. You were french-kissing a winged snake. creeptastic."
"I was stealing her breath, imbecile. go get a towel." christophe shoved him, and graves shoved back.”
Lili St. Crow

Lili St. Crow
“I’d put a banana on my tray, too. That, at least, didn’t
remind me of anything trying to kill me. Could you kill someone with a banana? It didn’t seem
possible. Maybe a possessed banana. I’d seen possessed pets before, but not possessed fruit. But
I’ll bet it’s out there somewhere.”
St Crow Lili

Lili St. Crow
“And I knew that tone, the pleading, the fear that was sitting like a spiked ball in his chest. He'd been left behind too, maybe more than I had.”
Lili St. Crow, Reckoning

Lili St. Crow
“I don't need an invitation to step over your threshold. -Cristophe”
Lili St. Crow, Strange Angels

Lilith Saintcrow
“God and Hell both damn it,”
Lilith Saintcrow

Lilith Saintcrow
“No problem, Goth Boy. First one's free.”
Lilith St. Crow

Laurie  Anderson
“Well it was one of those days
Larger than life
When your friends came to dinner
And they stayed the night
And then they cleaned out the refrigerator
And ate everything in sight
And then they stayed up in the livingroom
And cried all night
Strange angels
Singing just for me
Old stories
Haunting me
This is nothing
Like I thought it would be . . . .”
Laurie Anderson

T.A. Miles
“He was pale as only one state on Bhast dictated—not lacking color necessarily or vitality, certainly. Fey white was more comparable to a pearl; the color subtle and the luster soft, but still vibrant. In spite of the tragedy that could come with it, it was not a dying state. It was a state of living…sometimes much more brilliantly than people could cope with, including the Fey individuals themselves.”
T.A. Miles, Darkside