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Kim Harrison
“The want for that kiss had shocked him more than the interruption, and he fell back into the chair, cool and nonchalant as Quen came in with his questions and demands. He wasn't sure if he believed he'd really helped, but one thing was very clear. He wanted that again, that feeling of standing with her against all odds and succeeding. He wanted it so bad, he was going to risk destroying everything he and his father had worked for. He should walk away. Right now. But as she was ushered out the door under David's arm, all he wanted to do was follow her. What the hell was he doing, falling in love with a demon?”
Kim Harrison, A Perfect Blood

Shannon A. Thompson
“He was acting like our kiss had broken him, and his reaction was breaking me.”
Shannon A. Thompson, Seconds Before Sunrise

Mohsin Hamid
“The poets say some moths will do anything out of love for a flame
The moth takes off again, and we both step back, because he's circling at eye level now and seems to have lost rudder control, smacking into the wall on each round. He circles lower and lower, spinning around the candle in tighter revolutions, like a soap sud over an open drain. A few times he seems to touch the flame, but dances off unhurt.
Then he ignites like a ball of hair, curling into an oily puff of fumes with a hiss. The candle flame flickers and dims for a moment, then burns as bright as before.
Moth Smoke Lingers.”
Mohsin Hamid, Moth Smoke

Larissa Ione
“Fine,” he said. “You’re right. We’re not normal. We’re the most fucked-up, star-crossed lovers in history. So let’s not play nice.”
Larissa Ione, Reaver

Nenia Campbell
“When I felt her yield and kiss me back, and realized I had a fighting chance to make this all work out somehow, I had hope.

That was far deadlier than any knife or mace.”
Nenia Campbell, Armed and Dangerous

H.D. Gordon
“Do not allow yourself to be full of hate, princess. Hate is a heavy thing. It weighs us down, chaining us in a dark place. You focus on your love. If you want to be free of this heavy darkness you feel, focus on your love. Love is a chariot with a skeleton key to the chains which hate can wrap around you. To love is to be free.”
H.D. Gordon, Shooting Stars

Ann Marie Frohoff
“There's something to say about inspiration - when it comes into your life...the feeling is insatiable.”
Ann Marie Frohoff, First Kiss

“To fall in love is like taking that first plunge into the cool water. Once you are in the water and wet, the pool becomes a relaxing spa that you never want to leave. You find yourself floating laps in this small body of water and you never want to get out, never want to escape.
Giving your heart to someone is a little like that first jump. You never know what is going to happen. You don't even know if it will be good or bad.”
AlysonSerenaStone Give Your A Break

“Some memories are meant for not to be said, either they are too Scary to tell, or we love them that much, that we can’t explain those in oral words.”
Dhruv Agrawal

“Something’s are Star-crossed, how much hard we try not to let them happen, But they will, in either way.”
Dhruv Agrawal

Wendy  Knight
“She paused in the doorway, tipping her head to consider Brittany, who only glared. "You're right. I think most girls don't look like the tooth fairy dresses them every day.”
Wendy Knight