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Marie Lu
“I want to run. To do what I always do, have always done, for the last five years of my life. Escape, flee into the shadows. But this time, I stand my ground. I'm tired of running.”
Marie Lu, Prodigy

Criss Jami
“The devil's happy when the critics run you off.”
Criss Jami, Venus in Arms

Elizabeth Strout
“You just stood up to your mother.... I should think now you could take on the world.”
Elizabeth Strout, Abide with Me

Michael Bassey Johnson
“When you choose your life, ignore people, when you make it in life, remember some friends, when you sing a song, praise your source, when predicaments arises, stand your ground.”
Michael Bassey Johnson

Jay Woodman
“We have the greatest power through love that can be known. It overcomes everything with its fierce and steady truth, if you can continue to stand in it.”
Jay Woodman

“I have come to learn,
that when people of money and power organize
to set upon to break a person they seek to silence,
and the person seems but a shadow of what they were,
under the endless barrage,
in the end when laid to rest,
the dignity, compassion and presence of the person
somehow endures,
and their words awaken to speak clearer than before.
As if torches ignite, when their flame is gone,
and the light of their truth,
Is brilliantly lit and once more born.”
Tom Althouse

Erin Bow
“Kate faced the crowd. They were just eyes and teeth to her, just spit and voices. It was a moment, even, before they became people: a man with one blind eye, another whose neck was thick with lumps and weeping wounds of scrofula. The poorest of the market.
At Kate's feet, Drina. Her scarf and shirt were torn open.”
Erin Bow, Plain Kate

Craig D. Lounsbrough
“I want to stand on the truth that God has designed us to stand, and that the opportunity to stand is the opportunity to live exuberantly and gloriously.”
Craig D. Lounsbrough

Lorin Morgan-Richards
“A bully is nothing more than a bunch of bull with a Y attached to its rear.”
Lorin Morgan-Richards, The Goodbye Family Unveiled

Ben Marcus
“I prefer men who don't fall down and weep, who absorb a blow, who do not scamper and yell when chased, but stand firm, crouch, square off, meet an attack with something like resistance, even if it kills them.”
Ben Marcus, Notable American Women

Anthony Liccione
“Eat, and the world will eat with you; starve, and the world will eat you.”
Anthony Liccione

K. Weikel
“We can't always be the bridge. Sometimes we have to be the flooding river.”
K. Weikel, The One-Hundred

Joyce Rachelle
“I think we each have a certain number of unnecessary apologies, which we willingly dish out before we realize it's time to stand and fight. I may still have two or three left.”
Joyce Rachelle

Amit Ahlawat
“There are times when relationships need to be prioritised over what is right. And there are times when the right needs to be prioritised over relationships.”
Amit Ahlawat

“It takes more energy to give a damn than to not give a damn.”
John Stack IV