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Kanza Javed
“And what is gossip anyway?Just fragments of sad accounts, maneuvered and mutilated year after year for our sinful pleasure.”
Kanza Javed, Ashes, Wine and Dust

M.F. Moonzajer
“Miracle means; when a South Asian Woman does not turn into an elephant after marriage.”
M.F. Moonzajer

Thisuri Wanniarachchi
“Who are you if nobody knows your story?”
Thisuri Wanniarachchi, COLOMBO STREETS

“She has many names and many visages. She has loves and desires. She dares to dream of a future for herself and her people, despite living under the shadow of the gun, the acrid odour of devastation clogging her nostrils. For the most part she is stoic, for the garrison is also her home, her workplace, her field and her playground. Sometimes, she cries out in anguish, but the sound is muted, for there are few who want to hear. Her suffering and courage would be the stuff of legend, if only legend consisted of ordinary women carrying out extraordinary acts, going about the daily business of survival, displaying super-human strength in countering a mighty military juggernaut.”
Laxmi Murthy, Garrisoned Minds: Women and Armed Conflict in South Asia

“The desire for this land/woman is constructed as a hyper-masculine desire; the desire to possess it, take pride in it, love it, protect it and even die fighting for it against invaders. A logical corollary of this construction is that women's bodies are treated as territories to be conquered, claimed or marked by the assailant. When the feminine self comes to signify the nation, communal, regional, national and international conflicts are then played out on women's bodies, which become arenas of violent struggle. Women are humiliated, tortured, raped and murdered as part of the process by which the sense of being a nation is created and reinforced.”
Laxmi Murthy, Garrisoned Minds: Women and Armed Conflict in South Asia