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Salman Rushdie
“Obviously, a rigid, blinkered, absolutist world view is the easiest to keep hold of, whereas the fluid, uncertain, metamorphic picture I've always carried about is rather more vulnerable. Yet I must cling with all my might to … my own soul; must hold on to its mischievous, iconoclastic, out-of-step clown-instincts, no matter how great the storm. And if that plunges me into contradiction and paradox, so be it; I've lived in that messy ocean all my life. I've fished in it for my art. This turbulent sea was the sea outside my bedroom window in Bombay. It is the sea by which I was born, and which I carry within me wherever I go.”
Salman Rushdie

E.A. Bucchianeri
“The simple everyday experiences become the doorway to new thoughts and inspirations.”
E.A. Bucchianeri

E.A. Bucchianeri
“How often have the greatest thoughts and ideas come to light during conversations with the family over the evening dinner?”
E.A. Bucchianeri

E.A. Bucchianeri
“... the reader is probably wondering that if Tolkien did indeed fashion two of his heroic characters from Catholic prophecies, what about the evil protagonists? Were any of them inspired by these little-known revelations concerning future times? The answer is yes, but to discover the links between the myth and the prophecies, we must venture not only into the realm of unnerving revelations, but also into the murky world of secret sects, dark plots, occult signs, bloody revolutions and conspiracy theories ~ we must probe deep into the burning Eye of Sauron.”
E.A. Bucchianeri, Lord of the Rings: Apocalyptic Prophecies

Rupert Spira
“a mind that is accustomed to repeatedly dissolving in its source or essence becomes progressively saturated with its inherent peace. When such a mind rises again from the ocean of awareness, its activity makes that peace available to humanity.

Such a mind may also be inspired by knowledge that is not simply a continuation of the past but comes directly form its unconditioned essence. This inspiration brings creativity and new possibilities into whatever sphere of knowledge or activity in which that mind operates.”
Rupert Spira, Being Aware of Being Aware

Amit Kalantri
“You have gone through enough theory, now it's time to take actions.”
Amit Kalantri

“Imagine a ceaselessly renewed stream of loving light pulsating from the Source--that's you.”
Mark LeClair DeGange, Be Still, Behold and Dance to the Divine: Making Daily Acts a Heartfelt Spiritual Practice

Shai Tubali
“In reality, the heart is never really dependent and is not in a “state of waiting,” since it is by nature a source. A constant and uninterrupted stream of deep emotions flows out from
the heart—ironically, the very same emotions that everyone hopes to receive from their environment.”
Shai Tubali, Unlocking the 7 Secret Powers of the Heart: A Practical Guide to Living in Trust and Love

Robert Venturi
“Our thinking has many sources.”
Robert Venturi, Architecture as Signs and Systems: For a Mannerist Time