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J.M.  Richards
“No weapon in my bag? No problem—my whole bag was a weapon. Grabbing it by the strap again, I swung it off my shoulder and through the air toward my assailant with as much force as I could muster.”
J.M. Richards, Tall, Dark Streak of Lightning

“I pegged him as the kind of jock that has a thing for smart girls. You see these guys, second-stringers on the football team; they stand around the edges of the Jock Huddle listening to raunchy talk about cheerleaders, but they fall for the smart girl with library eyes.”
Jordan Weisman, Cathy's Book

“One thing about being a Smart Girl
is sometimes you feel like
you're not supposed to be one.
Like you're supposed to say:
Oh my god, that test was SO hard.
Actually I thought it was easy.”
Lily Myers, This Impossible Light