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Vikas Swarup
“The line of head is strong, but the line of heart is weak. And most importantly, the line of life is short. The stars do not seem to be right.”
Vikas Swarup, Q & A

“They say crying makes the heart lighter”
Simon Beaufoy

“One doesn’t question a miracle.”
Simon Beaufoy

Vikas Swarup
“You should take a good look at all sides of an issue before making a decision. Put something away in case of an emergency. New neighbors will bring good cheer. A small problem may occur at home base, but you will solve it quickly and correctly. Don’t offer smart advice unless you are really asked to comment.”
Vikas Swarup

Vishwas Chavan
“What I call "slumdog hope" is unique. It is the ability of the mind to be hopeful in the worst of the worst scenarios when a person with normal emotional strength may crack and succumb to the pressures of life. Those who possess this unflinching and undettered hope are likely to become slumdog millionaries.”
Vishwas Chavan, Vishwasutras: Universal Principles for Living: Inspired by Real-Life Experiences

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