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Brené Brown
“The willingness to show up changes us, It makes us a little braver each time.”
Brené Brown, Daring Greatly: How the Courage to Be Vulnerable Transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent, and Lead

Shannon L. Alder
“The true measure of a best friend is where they are when you “make” the biggest decision of your life, not where they were during the decision process.”
Shannon L. Alder

Holly Goldberg Sloan
“And just being there is ninety-nine percent of what matters when your world falls apart.”
Holly Goldberg Sloan, Counting by 7s

Alaric Hutchinson
“Bravery is the choice to show up and listen to another person, be it a loved one or perceived foe, even when it is uncomfortable, painful, or the last thing you want to do.”
Alaric Hutchinson

Nick Harkaway
“He wore his medals. He had a surprising number of them, the real kind, not the ones you got for turning up. Although turning up was no mean thing, some days.”
Nick Harkaway, Tigerman

Suzette R. Hinton
“It is the doing of your calling that attracts the support of the God of the Universe. When I stepped into that space, the wind in my life changed direction. The doing rallied the Heavens. It was the voice of my faith. If you don’t do out of your being, you aren’t truly showing up. Maybe that’s what’s meant by faith without works is dead. Without it, there are no smoke signals going up to attract the people, resources or opportunities.”
Suzette R. Hinton

Kelley Armstrong
“As we sat, Derek pulled a handful of energy bars from his pocket, and gave me one.
"Oh, right. You must be starving." Simon reached into his pockets. "I can offer one bruised apple and one brown banana."


"You guys are weird,"
Tori said.
Simon sat on the crate beside me. "That's right. We are totally weird and completely uncool. Your popularity is plummeting just by being near us. So why don't you—"
Derek interrupted. "How's your arm?"
Simon swore under his breath. "Way to keep showing me up. First, food. Now her arm." He turned to me. "How is it?"
Kelley Armstrong, The Awakening

“Life is about showing up, so is writing. That’s why I sit at my desk every day and dance my fingers across the keyboard”
Laurie Buchanan, PhD

Brian Spellman
“Eighty percent of showing up for life is ninety percent exaggerated.”
Brian Spellman, If the mind fits, shrink it

Emily M. Axelrod
“No matter what role you play in a meeting, how you show up in that role is critical to the meeting’s success.”
Emily M. Axelrod, Let's Stop Meeting Like This: Tools to Save Time and Get More Done

Kamini Arichandran
“No matter how many obstacles we face from birth—the outcome of letting loose love and showing up marks humankind— for success wins human equality, discretely.”
Kamini Arichandran