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Robert A. Heinlein
“Never tease an old dog; he might have one bite left.”
Robert A. Heinlein, Time Enough for Love

Scott Douglas
“I am convinced that grandkids are inherently evil people who tell their grandparents to "just go to the library and open up an e-mail account - it's free and so simple.”
Scott Douglas, Quiet, Please: Dispatches From A Public Librarian

John Scalzi
“The problem with aging is not that it's one damn thing after another—it's every damn thing, all at once, all the time.”
John Scalzi, Old Man's War

“Success is not due to spontaneous combustion. You have to set yourself on fire.”
Various attributed sources

Curtis Tyrone Jones
“When she smiles, the lines in her face become epic narratives that trace the stories of generations that no book can replace.”
Curtis Tyrone Jones

“The young man pities his elders, fearing the day he, too, will join their ranks. The elderly man pities the younger generation, well-knowing the trials and tribulations that lie ahead of them.”
Lynda I Fisher

C.J. Heck
“At this stage of my life, I've finally come to realize I've learned more from my children than they ever learned from me.”
C.J. Heck

“Make peace with your past so you don't mess up the present!”
Marcia Casar Friedman

Bud Harris
“It takes courage to dream, to face our futures and the limiting forces within us. It takes courage to be determined that, as we slow down physically, we are going to grow even more psychologically and spiritually. Courage, the philosopher Aristotle taught us, is the most important of all the virtues, because without it we can’t practice any of the others. Courage is the nearest star that can guide our growth. Maya Angelou said we must be courageous about facing and exploring our personal histories. We must find the courage to care and to create internally, as well as externally, and as she said, we need the courage “to create ourselves daily as Christians, as Jews, as Muslims, as thinking, caring, laughing, loving human beings.”
Bud Harris

Dervla Murphy
“In the travellers’ world, social media have enlarged the generation gap. The internet has brought a change in the very concept of travel as a process taking one away from the familiar into the unknown. Now the familiar is not left behind and the unknown has become familiar even before one leaves home. Unpredictability – to my generation the salt that gave travelling its savour – seems unnecessary if not downright irritating to many of the young. The sunset challenge – where to sleep? – has been banished by the ease of booking into a hostel or organised campsite with a street plan provided by the internet. Moreover, relatives and friends evidently expect regular reassurance about the traveller’s precise location and welfare – and vice versa, the traveller needing to know that all is well back home.
Notoriously, dependence on instant communication with distant family and friends is known to stunt the development of self-reliance. Perhaps that is why, amongst younger travellers, one notices a new timidity.”
Dervla Murphy

“THE BEST people are the good old wrinkled people with a sparkle in their eye, a wink when you walk by or a toothless smile saying you are doing just fine ...”
Robert Wesley Miller

Sherman Alexie
“Oh, no, no, you've got that all wrong. You're not required to respect elders. After all, most people are idiots, regardless of age. In tribal cultures, we just make sure that elders remain an active part of the culture, even if they're idiots. Especially if they're idiots. You can't just abandon your old people, even if they have nothing intelligent to say. Even if they're crazy.”
Sherman Alexie, The Toughest Indian in the World

Jan   Marshall
.....Jan Marshall”
Jan Marshall

Martha Barron Barrett
“Wanderer, there is no road, the road is made by walking.”
Martha Barron Barrett , Slow Travel

Lionel Fisher
“Now that you’re old, cut yourself some slack, would you?

Let yourself off the hook.

Give yourself a break.

You don’t have to do it all anymore. Take it easy for a change.

It’s OK with the rest of the world. So why not you?

For the first time in your life, do what you want.

Not what everyone else thinks you should.

Not what you think everyone else thinks you should.

Do what you want.

Excuse yourself. Say no. Back out. Beg off. Stay home. Take a rain check. Take a nap. Watch the ball game on TV.

Anything but what you’d rather not do but feel you have to for everyone else's sake but your own. And then feel bad about having done it. That's plain wrong.

And ask for some help when you need it: 'It’s too heavy.' 'It's too far.' Too near. Too cold. Too hot. Too bright. Too dark.


It's OK because there's always going to be something you need help with anymore.

And be grateful for the helping hand. You'll find more and more people extend one to you these days. Whatever the reason for accepting you’ve got the best excuse in the world. The only one you’ll ever need:

'Hey, I’m old.”
Lionel Fisher, Celebrating Time Alone: Stories Of Splendid Solitude

Linda  Robinson
“I have to start loving what comes next and stop hating I won't be a part of it.”
Linda Robinson, Chantepleure

Jen  Klein
“In the real world, in the grand scheme of life, this year is going to count for exactly nothing. These are the friendships that don't last and the choices that don't count. All those things we freak out about now, like who's going to be class president and are we going to win the game this weekend- there's going to be a time when we can't remember caring about them. In exactly three hundred and sixty five days from right now, wearing your letter jacket will make you look like the lamest of losers.”
Jen Klein

Ian Lamont
“The 'fear of change' excuse is something you see trotted out by organizations or management that believe customers are old, stupid, ignorant, and stubborn.”
Ian Lamont

Kirt J. Boyd
“You have spoken and we have listened, but no, Ms. Theron,it isn't appropriate for us to ask Nathan to take his shirt off. That isn't what we had in mind when we started asking for input.”
Kirt J. Boyd, The Last Stop

Jonas Jonasson
“To think that Allan was going to enjoy one more breakfast in his life without porridge! That was good news indeed.”
Jonas Jonasson

Bud Harris
“When Dr. Jung said we must be able to look forward in old age to the next day and to look forward to the great adventure that is ahead, he was making life’s “imperative to grow” personal. As long as we are alive, we must be able to dream of the future, of a better world or better ways of life. We are also invited by our greater Self to dream new dreams of creativity and fresh ways of expressing ourselves, as many great artists have into their nineties.”
Bud Harris

Stephanie Hale
“Why are you staring at my boobs? My face is up here,” Trudy exclaims.
Jack, the hotel employees, and I jump back like we’ve been electrocuted while the seniors don’t skip a beat. No. She. Didn’t. These geriatric devils are so bad.”
Stephanie Hale , High School Hangover

“The number of Canadians providing or expecting to provide eldercare in need is already a staggering statistic. Baby boomers are aging and this figure is likely to grow substantially.The Caregiver's Guide for Canadians will provide you with valuable advice to help you provide good eldercare while balancing all the demands on your time. It provides practical, realistic guidance; encouragement and insights to help you care for elders in need.”
Rick Lauber

LinDee Rochelle
“Age is a number ... LIFE is all ATT-i-tude!”
LinDee Rochelle, Rock and Roll Radio DJs: The Swinging Sixties

Gill Puckridge
“What's the worst that can happen?”
Gill Puckridge