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Robert McKee
“Secure writers don't sell first drafts. They patiently rewrite until the script is as director-ready, as actor-ready as possible. Unfinished work invites tampering, while polished, mature work seals its integrity.”
Robert McKee, Story: Substance, Structure, Style, and the Principles of Screenwriting

Christopher  Lee
“Outside the cinema I had not yet learned to live, but within it I had most certainly learned to die. I could die for you in every way known to man, and in a few ways known only to scriptwriters. I could see now that provided that I remained fit, the future held many more deaths yet. I could only hope that they would serve some purpose, and that perhaps a reputation may come in the same way as a coral formation, which is made up of a deposit of countless tiny corpses.”
Christopher Lee, Lord of Misrule

Chester Elijah Branch
“To paraphrase Muggeridge: Everything is a parable that God is speaking to us, the art of life is to get the message.”
Chester Elijiah Branch

Richard Toscan
“Plays are nearly always about the consequences of events while films are usually about the events. The what-happens-next factor is essential in film.”
Richard Toscan, Playwriting Seminars 2.0: A Handbook on the Art and Craft of Dramatic Writing with an Introduction to Screenwriting

Mylo Carbia
“The biggest difference between writing a movie and writing a novel? No one ever tries to sleep with me to get into one of my novels.”
Mylo Carbia, The Raping of Ava DeSantis

“What monster sleeps in the deep of your story? You need a monster. Without a monster there is no story.”
Billy Marshall

“There are three primal urges in human beings: food, sex, and rewriting some else's play.”
Romulus Linney, Six Plays

“[G]reat stories communicate simple truths that reflect the poetic dimensions of the human soul. Not only do powerful characters help us understand our lives, their stories reflect our core values as human beings.”
Kate Wright, Screenwriting is Storytelling: Creating an A-List Screenplay that Sells!

Chester Elijah Branch
“people don't really want original stories. they want different versions of the same story. this is called meta-narrative.”
Chester Elijah Branch, Holy Subtext: Meta-Narrative Trends in Cinema

“Do you want it good or Tuesday?”
Jimmy Sangster, Do You Want It Good or Tuesday?: From Hammer Films to Hollywood!: A Life in the Movies: An Autobiography

“Your audience is your adversary. If you don't have one get one - imagine it. Imagine it now. To whom is your story addressed and why? Audience is always a creative act of the imagination. You can't tell your story effectively and leave it out. It must be alive in you, vividly alive. It is in conflict with everything that is false in what you have written. If it is an audience worthy of your talent and potential, it won't let you slide by the lies, the laziness, the shortcuts. If you don't take audience seriously, you can be sure it will return the favor.”
Billy Marshall Stoneking

Solange nicole
“Makebelieve is a writer's best friend.”
Solange nicole

“The answer to the question, 'where's the drama?' is another question: 'what's the problem?”
Billy Marshall Stoneking

Solange nicole
“Nowadays films and television are what I like to call "Microwave Media". I like mine in the oven, giving the production time to simmer; get the juices flowing, and cooked to perfection. And that takes time. Slow, precious, tempered time. A script is a film's recipe. It's just a piece of paper to the novice cook, but even a recipe needs time to be perfected before it's given to the masses.”
Solange nicole

“There are far too many screenwriters who have made themselves honorary “secret” members of the Audience Protection Society (APS). Of course, they’re easy to spot, which makes their membership in this group anything but secret. They write as if they are duty bound to protect their readers from the nastiness of ruthless drama. The way they see it, if they’re going to go to the trouble of creating loveable and attractive characters why throw them to blood-thirsty apes, or have them face a fate worse than death? They tell themselves that such actions would offend their audience’s sensibilities, but really it’s their own fears and prejudices they can’t cope with, not to mention those nagging insecurities concerning their ability to write credible characters in the grip of extreme emotion. They’d rather be dead than write cheese.”
Billy Marshall Stoneking

“The story writes you as much as you write it. And the process of re-writing isn't so much a quest to re-write the story as it is to re-write the writer.”
Billy Marshall Stoneking

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