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“Roma’s eyes flared. “You’re saying Einstein was even more wrong?”
Retina shook his head. “Einstein was acting within physical bounds. I’m talking invisible, not visible light. Can we factor in the speed of invisible light?”
Roma shook his head. “What are you saying?”
“We’re always limited by the scope of our senses, our perceptions and its scientific perfections. But in this parallel we call universe there are scopes beyond our perceptive realities or possible realities. Einstein was not wrong but was limited in scope. There is a realm beyond our visible spectrum where time is imperceptible because space is without measure. And in that realm, matter and energy are not intricately related. Matter has no form and is ill recognizable as essence or existence. Energy is all there is.”
Roma held a frown. “Who’s been feeding you that Spiritualist crap?”
“Dr. Ian Skript, the most renowned Spiritualist scientist I know.”
Dew Platt, Roma&retina

“An author has a gift that is leant to others. seek not to teach; - entertain!”
Barry Woodham

William R. Forstchen
“Murderer of Vuka and Jumadi, see now how Tugars can die.”
William R. Forstchen

Chris Mentillo
“Don't let your past dictate your future,”
Chris Mentillo, A True Tale of Horror

Sameer Kumar
“Neither in the deepest ocean
Nor in the perpetual snow
Heaven was on earth that day
For some reason we are yet to know”
Sameer Kumar, The Origin Of Martin Krooger

Chris Mentillo
“You Don't Have To Be The Best Writer In The World To Become A Successful Author. However, You Do Need To Sell Lots of Books.”
Chris Mentillo

Chris Mentillo
“In The End, Humans Will Become Humans Own Worst Enemy.”
Chris Mentillo, Obliterated: Everything is About To Change

Chris Mentillo
“They're Coming.”
Chris Mentillo, Obliterated: Everything is About To Change

Hadas Moosazadeh
“I can not conceive of how god who rewards and punishes his creatures, gives type of unconscious in their cognitive mind. (Hadas Moosazadeh)”
Hadas Moosazadeh

Speaking before the Marion Hobby Club Marion, OH 2013

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An old adage warns: If you don't know your history, you will be forever condemned to repeat it. Likewise, if you don't know your science fiction, and heed its warnings, you could condemn the Earth to future catastrophe.”
Kelly Steed

E.C. Lemus
“I was still asleep; distracted in my idyll with
death. She wouldn’t let me go… my lover… my
accomplice into nothingness. The Night… who was the lover of the darkness, lover of the nothingness, lover of the death, lover of mine! Meanwhile the eternity, my other lover, was waiting for me in the end…”
E.C. Lemus, The Master of the Realities

“Apparently, cheating is one of fox's nature, or abviously a Raven doesn't know who's the fox at first, but a raven wouldn't fall in fox's trap and wouldn't swallow its bait, because naturally the cautiousness is the raven's feature.”
Hadas Moosazadeh, Author