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Scott Kaelen
“Cosmos drew himself to his full height. His cavernous chest swelled and his wings and various other appendages spread open, encompassing all the land and the rain-filled skies. “Henceforth,” he boomed, “you shall call me your Omniarch, or Creator, or Lord. Maybe God. Lord Omniarch sounds best. But don’t call me Jehovah or I’ll drop a mountain on your head. I’m not joking.”
“Fair enough,” said Terry, quickly adding, “Lord Omniarch,” when Cosmos growled.
“And you shall spread word of my names – except Jehovah – to everyone! And to the dust shall you shout my names; yea, to the trees, also. And the mountains shall ring with the echo of my names, and the beasts of the ground and of the air and rivers and seas shall hear of me, and, though they will not comprehend, they will yet grovel under my might.”
“Why,” said Terry, “if you don’t want me to say it, do you keep mentioning the name Jeh–”
Scott Kaelen, When Gods Awaken

F.D.  Lee
“Today was the introduction, and introductions were important. The girl had to meet the boy in an equal setting – if they met any other way there’d always be a question about whether it was True Love or a more financially motivated desire that awakened the passions.”
F.D. Lee, The Fairy's Tale

Qian Zhongshu
“Hello! Doctor 方,好久不见!”张先生跟外国人来往惯了,说话有个特征––喜欢中国话里夹无谓的英文字。他并无中文难达的新意,需要借英文来讲;所以他说话里嵌的英文字,还比不得嘴里嵌的金牙,因为金牙不仅妆点,尚可使用,只好比牙缝里嵌的肉屑,表示饭菜吃得好,此外全无用处。”
Qian Zhongshu, Fortress Besieged