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Jennifer Niven
“People are shitty for a lot of reasons. Sometimes they're just shitty people. Sometimes people have been shitty to them and, even though they don't realize it, they take that shitty upbringing and go out into the world and treat others the same way. Sometimes they're shitty because they're afraid. Sometimes they choose to be shitty to others before others can be shitty to them. So it's like self-defensive shittiness.”
Jennifer Niven, Holding Up the Universe

“Those who understand history are condemned to watch other idiots repeat it.”
Peter Lamborn Wilson

Augusten Burroughs
“It terrified me to consider: What if, as a grown-up, I craved another body beside me as still as this one? What then?”
Augusten Burroughs, A Wolf at the Table

Katherine Owen
“Finally, I formulate and say a little prayer to God, and since we haven’t officially spoken since my mom and Elliott died that takes up quite a bit of my time.

The rest of it I spend on trying to determine what I think love really is and what I actually feel for Tally Landon at this point. Upon deep reflection, I realize that I must be at the edge of life’s abyss. This is me. All there is left of me; and yet, I’m looking over and contemplating its meaning on whether to jump or stay. I’m not sure this feeling for Tally Landon is made up of love any more than it is of hate. This must be a kind of purgatory—the in-between place—because these pervasive feelings of rage and passion for Tally are equalized and actually co-mingle together—like fire and water—each ready to extinguish the other. I’ve come to accept the truth. There may be nothing left for us. It could go either way.”
Katherine Owen, This Much is True

Hope Barrett
“Once an opportunist like Mickey, who took the argument when she jumped on some devastated wretch's machine and jackpotted that it was the "cash-ino's money" she was winning, Moon returned after her six month break with the view that the separation had somehow sweetened the honeypot. The sad reality, she quickly learned, was that she was not irreplaceable; as such, the Casino felt no compunction to welcome her back with multi-jackpots. Instead, it took her money everyday and did not once give her a jackpot so that she could say, "Ah. They missed me." Instead, all she could keep saying was, "Verr-y bed. Verr-y bed. Suck-ah all my money!”
Hope Barrett, Somebody Get Me A Hammer!!

“While you were giving her the roses that made her smile you were giving me the thorns that made me cry”

Ernest Cline
“Era el nacimiento de una nueva era, una era en la que casi toda la humanidad pasaba la mayor parte de su tiempo libre dentro de un videojuego.”
Ernest Cline, Ready Player One

“Everyone knows they are going to die on one single day. But everyone has hope that it will not be today. The hope is running us to live a life. But we are dying to give a life to hope itself, every single day.”
Srikanth Mahankali

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
“Time soothes all sorrows”
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince

Ernest Cline
“Allí, en el interior de aquel universo bidimensional del juego, la vida era muy simple: 'Eres tu contra la maquina. Muévete con la mano izquierda, dispara con la derecha e intenta seguir vivo todo el tiempo que puedas'.”
Ernest Cline

“My actions, my sequences of life are not determined by you and your shitty mood and needs. You may ignore me at times and happily laugh with me when you like, but remember I am not a child's toy with which people like you can trifle with to enjoy, rather you are the one standing with dirt, hatred, and envious heart which is thrashed and bashed by people already smarter than you and theirs with those who outsmart them and so this cycle repeats and you are lost, as always.”
Saksham Minocha

Agatha Christie
“C'è in essi molta ipocrisia, a Natale, onorevole ipocrisia, senza dubbio, ipocrisia "pour le bon motif", ma sempre ipocrisia.”
Agatha Christie, Il Natale di Poirot - Sipario, l'ultima avventura di Poirot