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“She is forever beautiful just like the roses.”
Avijeet Das

Penny De Villiers
“Oh my gosh! I was a hamster on the conditioned wheel of self-improvement.
I never truly respected or valued my uniqueness as a human being. I never felt that I was a beautiful rose in life’s garden, because I spent my life comparing myself to other, brighter, multicoloured species, and they often made me look dull.”
Penny De Villiers, The Woman Who Came Home

“Roses have thorns,’ we whine. When thorns of life entwine. Simple things can bring solace to heart-Things everyone take for granted-Like tending beds of fragile roses-with heart full of scars”
Val Uchendu

“Her eyes hide a tenderness that is more sensitive than all the red roses of the world.”
Avijeet Das